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July 13, 2011 by terpfan1980
Some rambling thoughts about things...

It looks like Netflix is trying to put themselves out of business with the recently announced rate hikes.  I long ago quit Netflix over increases in the Blu-ray tax that they were imposing.  I've also long since quit Blockbuster.com because I just wasn't keeping up with the rentals like I used to.  Other events and things in my life occupying my time made it a valueless proposition for me.  Anyway, as noted in plenty of places...
July 12, 2011 by terpfan1980
Weather in my area is reminding me of some lines from Robin Williams in the film Good Morning Vietnam!

HOT!  Dayummmm hot.  Hotter than...

Yup, that about tells the story... too darned hot outside.  Please, please bring on the cooler weather again soon.
July 11, 2011 by terpfan1980
There's some old jokes that fly around about some particularly bad behaving or downright evil people and how they've made efforts to jump to the head of the line come judgement day.  For example, well, there's that one time Dictator/ruler of Germany, there's the guy that was recently killed and quickly buried at sea after having eluded the U.S. for nearly 10 years, and of course there's been the guy that had tried to kill the pope back in the day.  Anyway, here'...
July 8, 2011 by terpfan1980
Headline is linked:

Man dies after falling out of stands at Rangers gameReally tragic story.

I'm sure there will be some kneejerk reactions to it all, but it just seemed to be a tragic accident and as pointed out in the article, thousands of games have been played and attended over the years without these things happening.

Still, my heart goes out to the family and to the persons and players in attendance at the game as what they witnessed had to be horribly impactful.
July 6, 2011 by terpfan1980
I titled this article stuff mostly because I couldn't think of anything else to use as the title, but then again "Stuff" works well as that is a lot of what I'm dealing with at home over the next several weeks.  Too much stuff.

With the big day approaching fairly quickly I still have too much "stuff" in the house and I'm trying to get through it and get rid of much of it as soon as I can.  I need to get rid of as much as I can to leave room for my fiance to move her own ...
July 1, 2011 by terpfan1980
I see a news article (via USA Today) on something that I just don't understand at all:

Mich. ban on race, gender in college admissions illegal

First up, I can't understand why there was a need for the ban in the first place, but then my mind is even further boggled in the idea that the ban would be a bad idea?!  Shouldn't our goal in society be to be race/gender neutral (or should I say colorblind?)

Where's the common sense from the Appeals court here?  Allowin...
June 30, 2011 by terpfan1980
The last few days have been fun for me - NOT.

Thankfully between some phone conversation with my fiance late last night, a little bit of my friend MGD (Miller Genuine...) before bed, and a bit of a nap and meditation yesterday a.m. (when I took a mental health day off from work), I finally got a decent block of sleep.  I think the beer was probably the most creditable for that, but then again there was the tiredness that existed all along, and yes, talking with my fiance also helped...
June 28, 2011 by terpfan1980
Ok, let me start by saying I forgot some of those other things I was going to be writing about here, but that's not unusual as my brain fails me too frequently in remembering little things throughout the day.  I may remember by the time I close here, but I'm not counting any chickens.

Let me start with the visions.

I wrote an article about some glitches in the road (and some dead horses that I hadn't kicked enough) that had come up over the last few weeks in my relationshi...
June 26, 2011 by terpfan1980
Whew!  Thankfully after some talking with my fiance over the last few days, I think we both killed the latest dead horse that was in our path enough that we could move on and get back on track, but it seems that we both still have a tendency to let little things bug us and pop-up along the way that distract us and cause us to lose focus.

Granted, with a dwindling number of weeks to go until we go off and get hitched it's somewhat normal for some things to pop up and try to make thems...
June 24, 2011 by terpfan1980
Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman, who had just managed the team back to 1 game over the .500 mark, surprisingly quit on the team over what he deemed was a lack of respect in (the team's/General Manager's) not agreeing to hold talks about a contract extension/pick-up of the option on his existing contract.

Original news announcements about the issue made it seem that he quit because he wasn't offered an extension.  News conference footage, straight from the man's...
June 22, 2011 by terpfan1980
Some years back a co-worker and I were arguing about whether or not it made financial sense for the District of Columbia to spend the kind of money it would take to build a stadium for the baseball team that would be moving or had moved there.  The co-worker hated the idea of any tax money, or any public money really, going to the rich owners of the baseball team.  I argued that the money that was being spent on the stadium would result in a very nice revenue stream that would eventual...
June 21, 2011 by terpfan1980
News headline that I caught at Cnet.com (headline is linked):

Netflix sued by deaf group over lack of subtitlesI know of at least several individuals that will be happy if this issue is ever properly addressed as they've been unable to enjoy the streaming service that Netflix offers due to lack of closed captioning or subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing.

I've been known to turn on subtitles for films I have on Blu-ray or DVD just because I can catch *more* of the conversatio...
June 21, 2011 by terpfan1980
Over the last few years there's been a few losses in the world of the entertainment that have reminded me more and more of man's mortality.  (Not to mention the loss of my first wife in the accident nearly 2 years back)

Michael Jackson at a still early age just about 2 years ago was one example, with him seeming to have a lot of time ahead.  Clarence Clemons just over this last week is another example though I would note that he had several years on Michael Jackson at the ti...
June 13, 2011 by terpfan1980
While my fiancé is able to compute the hours without the use of computing aids, I make use of a Countdown Clock widget that I recently downloaded to show me how much longer there is before our big day.  Still a few months away, but not much more than that now.  So close, yet so far.

We’ve still got a ton of things to do between now and then.  I’ve got a lot more clean-up to get done so that she can move into the house and move her stuff in with her.  I’ve also got to com...
May 27, 2011 by terpfan1980
Lots of happenings personally since my last article here.  Nothing that has derailed my (and my fiance's) plans for later this summer though we've certainly hit a few snags and roadblocks to work over in our planning.

The stress of planning things has gotten to both of us and left us both a bit overwhelmed, though as I told her earlier today the worst of the stress really should be behind us at this point.  Most of the stress has related to the guest list and to just how we&...