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July 26, 2011 by terpfan1980
Warning to facebook fans... it's the beginning of the end for them...

I finally signed up for an account, that can only mean the apocalpyse is here for them.

Seriously, I put it off for seemingly forever, and there's a lof of rumbling that Google+ will give them serious competition, that they've peaked and are on the decline, etc., so my finally signing up is just another sign of the end.

Run away from there while you can

(Sorry, in the name of some semblance of privacy,...
July 13, 2011 by terpfan1980
Some rambling thoughts about things...

It looks like Netflix is trying to put themselves out of business with the recently announced rate hikes.  I long ago quit Netflix over increases in the Blu-ray tax that they were imposing.  I've also long since quit Blockbuster.com because I just wasn't keeping up with the rentals like I used to.  Other events and things in my life occupying my time made it a valueless proposition for me.  Anyway, as noted in plenty of places...
July 6, 2011 by terpfan1980
I titled this article stuff mostly because I couldn't think of anything else to use as the title, but then again "Stuff" works well as that is a lot of what I'm dealing with at home over the next several weeks.  Too much stuff.

With the big day approaching fairly quickly I still have too much "stuff" in the house and I'm trying to get through it and get rid of much of it as soon as I can.  I need to get rid of as much as I can to leave room for my fiance to move her own ...
June 21, 2011 by terpfan1980
Over the last few years there's been a few losses in the world of the entertainment that have reminded me more and more of man's mortality.  (Not to mention the loss of my first wife in the accident nearly 2 years back)

Michael Jackson at a still early age just about 2 years ago was one example, with him seeming to have a lot of time ahead.  Clarence Clemons just over this last week is another example though I would note that he had several years on Michael Jackson at the ti...
April 13, 2011 by terpfan1980
Just popping my head up for a bit here.  I've lurked here and there but not really had much to say over the last several weeks (since my last article here).  There's certainly been things going on (the fight over the budget and the relatively paltry amount of cuts that were supposed made within same among those things), but for the most part it all continues to be stuff that just didn't seem to inspire me enough to write all that much.

I have done some writing elsewhere (another one...
December 3, 2007 by terpfan1980
Let me finish that thought from the subject line here:

I swear that there isn't much worse than stepping onto an elevator and being smacked in the face with the stench of a smoker who was just there before you.

Ugh.  Ick.  Blech!  and a batch of other responses along the same lines.

I begrudge no one the right to smoke if they wish, but I really don't care for the effects that smokers have on the environment around them.  Especially smokers that bring the lingering s...
October 24, 2007 by terpfan1980
Simple enough question:  Coke or Pepsi (or something other than either of those).

If you have the time to expand a little on your choice and why, I'd be interested in that too.
September 1, 2007 by terpfan1980
Something I somewhat regret from my youth is never learning a foreign language.

When I started High School I got a late start on the enrollment process (my parents were somewhat the great procrastinators, and I was never all that inclined to know any different myself, and was somewhat naive at how things worked in life too) so my choices of what classes I could take for my freshmen year were limited.  I was interested in art and wanted to take art classes but by the time I was supposed t...
November 30, 2005 by terpfan1980
Recent events in my family (the passing of my mom's mom) have me thinking a bit again about life, mortality, and where do we go from here.

I'm not necessarily a religious person, but I'm also not ready to say that I'm agnostic, atheist, or otherwise a non-believer.

I think most of us have thoughts of what we expect we pass from this world. We have hopes of how we want friends and loved ones to wind up, thoughts of a dieing grandparent going to a peaceful place where they can be reunited w...
November 11, 2005 by terpfan1980
A couple of things worth blogging about while out for food at a favorite eatery. This might take many turns, but hopefully it won't bore anyone.

First, in over-hearing some of the conversations that were going on around me in the eatery (Fuddruckers, one of the best reasonably priced burger places I know of, almost always satisfying), I caught a line from a woman that was talking to someone else at her table. She casually mentioned that she had completely forgotten it was Veterans day.

October 31, 2005 by terpfan1980
I saved this one up for a day or two, just to make sure I'd still be mad enough to want to rant about it. Since the feeling is still there, here lies the rant.

My tolerance for stupidity is normally pretty low. I don't mind honest mistakes. I don't mind ignorance even. But I really hate stupidity. Doing things that make no sense and inconvenience the masses (especially me) makes me want to rant (if not much worse).

Therein lies my problem with the idiots that set up the parking situat...
September 18, 2005 by terpfan1980
This one just cracks me up. Apparently there are rules for everything, or at least etiquette rules for everything. Who knew?

Well, if you're reading here now, or at least if you are reading the link that follows, you do now.

Just pretend it didn't happen at all... them's the rules according to Miss Manners.

Here is the clip.

Linked here: Miss Manners on the topic of passed gas... (scroll down through the first question to get to the second question.... just pretend the first que...
August 8, 2005 by terpfan1980
As I wind down a family vacation in the Orlando, FL area, visiting the major theme parks of the area I've made some observations that I can rant a bit about.

I remember Drag posted a great review and commentary about the costs / benefits of staying at Disney's Polynesian resort. I won't rehash it, but will remind others that they can always dig up those comments on their own.

Meanwhile, in my case, my wife made arrangements for this vacation after receiving an invite from a large hotelier...
July 31, 2005 by terpfan1980
Just a quick general rant... oberservations I've formed over time...

I swear, I have said it previously, but each time I take a road trip down 95, or down I-85 I'm proven more and more right.

Driving down I-95, once you get past Richmond is a virtual dream, compared to driving along I-95/I-495 once you get past Richmond, VA, and up near DC. From that point on, I swear they must perform some sort of lobotomy by satellite based lasers or some such on the drivers that are on the road.

July 28, 2005 by terpfan1980
Actually I miss my "old" motorcycle (a Suzuki GS650E, older touring style model) almost daily. I loved that bike. It was great fun to ride, with a nice fairing on the front to block the bugs and most of the wind (especially in the colder weather). I rode that bike as primary transportation for a few years, until (unfortunately for me) I was riding much too fast and an idiot that pulled onto the road in front of me without seeing me coming decided to make themselves my front bumper. The firs...