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Yet more agressive behavior by the "boyz in blue".

From DCRTV.com, a daily blog site for Radio and Television related matters in the Washington, D.C. area:

{Channel} 7 {WJLA-TV, D.C.} Accuses PG Police Of Roughing Up {Investigative News Reporter} McCarren - 5/13 - Channel 7/WJLA has filed a complaint against Prince George's County Police for excessive use of force during a felony traffic stop conducted against investigative reporter Andrea McCarren . The incident occurred on 4/15 when McCarren and her photographer were surrounded by nine country police cars and up to a dozen officers with weapons drawn. The complaint alleges that officers held McCarren, who did not resist, at gunpoint while they forcibly restrained her arms, causing her right shoulder to be torn from the socket. She is undergoing medical treatment. McCarren and her photographer were apparently presumed by police to present a threat to an armed PG County officer who was the subject of their investigation. According to WJLA, McCarren, who had no weapon, and did not offer resistance, suffered a partially dislocated shoulder as officers manhandled her during the incident. The photographer, who was able to capture the incident on videotape (left), was not harmed, but was held at gunpoint and had his camera confiscated, according to the station. The WJLA press release about the incident is at releases.usnewswire.com and the video clip is at video.wjla.com. More in the DC Post.....

Some of the information from the Post article, headline is linked....

Reporter Alleges Excessive Force

Journalists Are Stopped While Following Pr. George's Official

By Ruben Castaneda
Washington Post Staff Writers
Friday, May 13, 2005; Page B01

A reporter for WJLA-Channel 7 and her cameraman were following a high-ranking Prince George's County official and her police officer driver to investigate a news tip last month about the possible inappropriate use of a county car when they were suddenly surrounded by county and Cheverly police and ordered out of their vehicle at gunpoint.
Andrea McCarren said in an interview yesterday that she was manhandled by a county police officer who she said yanked her right arm out of its socket during the April 15 incident. McCarren said that happened after she followed police commands to get out of her Toyota Highlander sport-utility vehicle with her hands up and slowly walk backward toward the officer.
McCarren filed a complaint Wednesday with the internal affairs unit of the police department, alleging excessive force.
Through a spokeswoman, Prince George's Police Chief Melvin C. High said, "We have not had the opportunity yet to investigate, but on the face of it, it appears that our officers followed proper procedure." He said the department will look into the incident.
Police said the officer being observed by McCarren saw that he was being followed and called for backup.
McCarren said she and her cameraman, Pete Hakel, were following the officer who is assigned as police liaison to Chief Administrative Officer Jacqueline Brown. The officer was identified by a law enforcement source as Cpl. Danon Ashton. Ashton could not be reached.
McCarren and Hakel, who was in the back seat, started out behind the officer in a residential area in Bowie about 8:20 a.m. After about 10 minutes, McCarren said, she lost the officer, who at the time did not have a passenger, when he turned onto a side road.
Minutes later, McCarren said, she saw the black SUV driven by the officer pass her, and she resumed following. At that point, Brown was in the SUV.
About 8:40 a.m., McCarren said, she and Hakel were surrounded by seven county police cruisers and two police squad cars from Cheverly on Landover Road near Route 50.
A videotape of part of the incident, taken by Hakel, shows her sitting in the driver's seat, looking in her side mirror. Calmly, McCarren says, "He's got a gun pulled on me."
The video then shows McCarren, 41, stepping out of the vehicle with her hands in the air and slowly walking backward.
It does not show what happened when McCarren reached the officer. McCarren, who is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds, said the officer grabbed her right wrist and yanked it behind her back.
"I immediately felt like my shoulder was on fire," McCarren said. McCarren said her shoulder continued to hurt in the following days. When she saw a doctor April 21, the physician told her that her shoulder had been yanked out of its socket, she said.
McCarren said she's been wearing a sling and undergoing physical therapy since she saw the doctor. She said her doctor told her that she may need surgery.
A still photo taken from the WJLA video shows three county police officers with their guns out. One is behind a police cruiser, apparently pointing his service weapon in the direction of McCarren or Hakel. A second officer is behind the open driver's side door of another cruiser, apparently pointing toward McCarren. The third has his gun out at waist level, with the weapon pointed toward the ground.
The WJLA video also shows Hakel following police commands to walk slowly backward toward a county police officer. Hakel followed police orders to put the camera on the ground, pointing it at the officer who was directing him, McCarren said.
In the video, the officer is shown putting Hakel's hands over the cameraman's head while another officer walks toward the Toyota Highlander to check it. The officer dealing with Hakel gets the attention of the second officer and makes a hand motion. The camera is then turned away from the officer and Hakel.

There are some {verbal} anecdotal reports that of 14 officers involved, none of the police cruisers were apparently rolling video or have official police video of the incident.

Either way, just another in a string of reports indicating that some of our law enforcement officers are off the deep end regarding their treatment of citizens.

I'm left to ask just what is the crime in "following" a police officer??

I'm glad that Prince Georges has relatively deep pockets, as it seems they'll be writing a big check to make this one right.

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