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Many people participated in the discussion about this old article: You smoke? You're fired! at least for one company.... , but of course this is an issue that isn't going away.

Thanks to "rising health care costs", more and more employers are interfering in their employees' personal lives and are making sure that their employees or possible employees are not smoking.

News reports today (Fox 5 morning news, DC) mention Alaska Airways as one such employer, where people who smoke may need to make use of a Whizzinator in order to pass the mandatory urinanalysis that is part of the job application process.

There was the report in the prior referenced article also, and I know of several other similar situations where smokers are becoming second class citizens and apparently are un-employable or under-employable. Micros Systems Inc., a point-of-sales and hospitality management software services provider based in Columbia, MD was known for banning smoking on their work premises -- even in employees own private vehicles.

It seems that no one has yet successfully challenged any of these policies as discriminatory, but I can see a future where someone takes advantage of civil rights laws and anti-discrimination laws to win reversals in these policies. I hope we'll be ready to see the awards that may result from such a case.

on May 13, 2005
I hope they are challenged. This is infringing on people's rights in an extreme way. As long as smoking is legal this is just plain wrong.
on May 13, 2005
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