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WMAL AM630's Michael Graham at Casa de Maryland rally
Published on May 9, 2005 By terpfan1980 In Politics
Discussion and information today over at WMAL AM630 (DC)'s web-site WMAL.com, especially on Michael Graham's blog page in reference to a Rally for Casa de Maryland, a pro-immigrant -- including ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS -- organization that was protesting plans to stregthen driver's license requirements, and the potential enactment of the "real I.D." act.

Graham, a well known conservative talk show host on WMAL AM630 had made it known that he'd try to attend the event in his INS T-shirt (not an official Immigration and Customs Enforcement shirt, just a T-shirt with the letters INS ironed on) to protest the rally which literally flaunted and thumbed noses at people that want to tighten immigration requirements and deny services to illegals.

Casa de Maryland, like several other "pro immigrant" groups is known to provide help and assistance -- including details on how to obtain assistance from the government at tax-payer expense -- to all immigrants, regardless of their legal status (whether they're in the country legally or not).

Check Graham's blog for details, also note that Graham will be a guest on Hannity and Colmes (on Fox News Channel) tonite (5-9-2005).

More information (Montgomery County's side of the story):


Montgomery County Police Respond to the Michael Graham Incident Saturday

Statement of Lt. Eric Burnett, Director of Media Services, MCP

On Saturday, May 7, WMAL Radio employee Michael Graham wearing a tee shirt with the bold letters “INS” on the front was detained by Montgomery County Police when he disregarded questions by “Real ID” protest rally event security staff.

Graham’s personal and work identification were verified to confirm that he was a member of the WMAL radio staff. Police explained that these actions were being taken not to deny him access to the rally, but because his attire and conduct could pose a safety risk to himself, others attending the rally, and the public safety staff assigned to the event.

Graham made a phone call to his boss who was advised of the safety concerns, and the WMAL supervisor directed Graham to turn his shirt inside-out. Graham then entered the rally.

The action taken by police was lawful, proper, and in the interest of public safety for all those present at the rally.

More information (from http://www.dcrtv.com)

WMALer "Roughed Up By A Bunch Of Illegal Goons" At Immigration Rally - 5/9 - A DCRTVer tells us that WMAL late morning righty talker Michael Graham "got hassled big time by organizers of a pro-illegal alien rally in Montgomery County on Saturday. The Montgomery County police detained him for questioning before releasing him. Graham got into the rally, where he was seriously hassled again for trying to take pictures. The rally took place on county (school) property and Graham had his media credentials with him." Graham showed up at the event, where folks were protesting ID restrictions that would prevent illegal aliens from obtaining driver's licenses, in a black T-shirt with the letters "INS" on it (right). WMAL is hyping the altercation on its Monday morning newscasts. According to wmal.com: "Not only was Michael roughed up by a bunch of illegal goons, when the police arrived he was roughed up by them, too." They asked to see his ID.....

on May 10, 2005
Damn!  So you are the ones that stole Michael Graham!  We miss him down here.  Instead we got a jerk that likes to dub Hitler's voice over Pope Benedict XVI's.
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