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Yeah, I'm borrowing the old rock n' roll lyrics.  SHOUT IT, SHOUT IT, SHOUT IT OUT LOUD.

That's what I think the GOP should be doing about the Fiscal Cliff situation.  Too bad that even if they did take my advice here, the treasonous co-conspirators in the mainstream media wouldn't do anything about it.

What do I mean and what do I want?

I want the GOP to start making as much noise as possible that President Obama and his team WANT to take us over the Fiscal Cliff.  Even current rumors are saying that now as it seems that Obama's administration and team feel that if we are pushed over the cliff that they'll have more leverage to get what they want in the new year when some retroactive fixes can be put together that would undo most of the damage and yet leave those higher tax rates on the top 2% -- that supposed key sticking point in Obama's so-called plan.

Lets be clear here, Obama's administration has NO PLAN.  Yeah, that's right, I said.  The emperor has no clothes.  He has no real plan.  His plan is to play class warfare and demand higher tax rates on the top 2%, but in the end that is not really his plan.  Oh, wait, I guess I have to say he does have a plan.  His plan is to let us go over the cliff, let all of the Bush tax-cuts expire and let tax rates go up for all.  Goodbye middle class tax cuts.  Goodbye fixes to the AMT.  Welcome back estate taxes.  Bring it all on.  Hell NO, we're not gonna cut spending, at least not if we can help it, but then again, hey, if we have to cut spending everywhere, we can blame the GOP for it and let them be responsible for across the board cuts that we are too chicken-fecal matter to actually make.  Tough choices that we just won't get involved with as long as we can blame someone else.

I've said that the GOP should call his bluff and let us go over the cliff.  I don't like that idea all that much, but I do see it as the only way we'll really cut spending.  Obama's opening offer called for actually INCREASED SPENDING as part of additional stimulus.  I guess he found some more supposed shovel ready jobs that he needs to toss some money at, not having wasted enough in the last round of stimulus.  Maybe Sharpton and others convinced him they need the money to pay them back for the political support they mustered on his behalf.  Either way, that offer was total crap and he knew it, and yet he and his team claim that GOP isn't serious when they come back with offers to generate additional revenues while also implementing reforms and cuts that would reduce spending.

President Obama and his friends in the congress are hooked on spending and just can't stop themselves.  They're like my step-daughters, spending makes them feel better until they get the bills for their spending or their money runs out, then they feel bad and have to come back for more money to spend so they can go back out and enjoy the high of spending more money.

The GOP needs to start crying foul as loudly as possible.  Even if it happens only via the blogosphere, Facebook, FOX News, and other non-mainstream outlets, they need to get the word out that it really is President Obama that is playing with the losing hand here, and it really is the Democrats in Congress that refuse to cut back on wasteful spending.  It is the Democrats that have precluded making the Bush tax-cuts permanent.  It is the Democrats that want to raise tax rates now while promising cuts much later (when they'll never actually come).  It the Democrats that are deficit spending and refuse to stop.  Say it loud, say it long.  Speak it from the mountaintops, and get it out there in everyone's face.  Yes, I know it is antagonizing the other side to say it, but lets be clear here.

The latest surveys seem to suggest that the GOP is more trusted to cut spending while Obama is favored to raise revenue from the wealthy, too bad Obama is his friends define wealthy as anyone that is holding money in their hands.  If you have a $1, it's $1 too much for you to be left with and has to go back into the government's hands so they can spend it where they know it will be best spent.  Yes, that is the picture that has to be painted for the lemmings to see.

I'm reminded of the John Carpenter film, They Live, only it's the Democrats that are the evil ones rather than Aliens that are here to conquer us all.  Too bad the public in real life is as blind to everything as the public was in that film.

on Dec 07, 2012

Good luck with your shouting.  But I doubt you will get a peep.

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