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I'm finding myself frustrated with my "friends" at Verizon Wireless.

Example #1: My Samsung Galaxy SIII phone.  Owners of this phone on the Sprint network are currently enjoying the goodness that is Jelly Bean for their phone firmware.  Having used Jelly Bean on the Google Nexus 7 tablet that I had (and since sold to a co-worker, having bought that device from another co-worker that often plays musical chairs with his tech devices, fire-selling them to myself and others as he continues searching for the perfect portable device for his own usage), I was and continue to be impressed with the polish and smoothness that is finally in the droid OS.  Actually, I continue to make use of a Motorola Xoom tablet (also obtained from the same fire-sailing co-worker that I got the Nexus 7 tablet from) that was upgraded through Honeycomb, to Ice Cream Sandwich, and then finally to Jelly Bean.

Quick detour: My only real complaint about those upgrades is that as I upgraded I lost the use and support of Adobe Flash "native" on the device and in turn lost the ability to do a few things that required flash.  Not really the fault of Google as Adobe opted to abandon mobile flash, more the fault of websites that haven't implemented a better solution than flash (including Amazon, who continues to rely upon Adobe Flash for their Instant Video service).

OK, back from that detour... I'm frustrated that the Jelly Bean upgrade that should have been available for my Verizon-based S3 phone is no where in sight.  Verizon is, as I've learned, notoriously slow about rolling out upgrades.  Argh.


Example #2: As if I shouldn't have learned my lesson with Example #1 above, there's the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 device that came from the same co-worker mentioned above.  He recently sold that unit to me as he invested in an iPad Mini with Verizon LTE service.  He seems happy with that device and really, I had long ago thought that eventually I'd probably wind up with an iPad Mini myself, though for now I'm holding off as I know that when Apple releases an iPad Mini with Retina Display I'll want to jump all over it and will be sad that I ever invested in the original mini.

Another detour here: actually I wouldn't be sad at all as I could easily justify any loss that I might incur on that iPad Mini as being worth the use of such a nice portable device.  It really is a fantastic device, even without the Retina display at this point.  When it eventually has a Retina display it will be an even better device.  If I were currently using one, and then later were to sell it off and take any loss on it when I did, it would just be part of the cost of having the technology to use.  A rental fee if you will.  If I just took the device and gave it to a relative, it would be a great gift for them and I wouldn't feel bad at all about having given them a device that I had used.

Again, back from the detours here.  Anyway, I'm frustrated that the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 device is one that was promised an upgrade from Honeycomb to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) that should have been out by now.  It was promised literally weeks ago, but apparently Verizon and Samsung can't get over the final hump of putting out the actual upgrade.  Oh, it was announced, instructions were posted on how to upgrade, etc., but it is not out in the wild, can't be found to download, and isn't really available for general consumption.  Never mind that ICS is "old" at this point, that Jelly Bean is really the current standard with Key Lime Pie in the not too distant future.  Verizon continues to drag their butts and be slacking in getting the upgrade that they promised released to the public.

I really like the Tab 7.7.  It is a very nice tablet.  I'd say that I liked the Nexus 7 tablet more just because I thought it was a little slicker, but the Tab 7.7 is a nice device.  If there was an LTE Nexus 7 device available for use on Verizon's network, I'd jump all over it, but then again, having dealt with Verizon a bit now, I'm getting more and more frustrated with the way they delay getting upgrades to their devices in the hands of their customers.

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