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Published on November 18, 2012 By terpfan1980 In Current Events

OK, I know that the powers that be are supposedly meeting regularly now, trying to negotiate a solution to the fiscal cliff.  Good for them.  Hopefully they'll come to a solution that doesn't wreck the economy and push us all back into a deep recession.  Too bad I just don't have that much faith that they'll find such a solution.  I know that the stock market rose this past Friday on optimism and hope that a solution would be achieved, but I think the market was overly optimistic. Yeah, yeah, call me a pessimist if you want.  Normally I'd be an optimist, but given the players involved here, I think I'm being much more of a realist than a pessimist.

Regardless of what happens during this current {manufactured} crisis, I'm coming to the conclusion that some things definitely need to change.  No, not Obama/Biden style change, but rather change from the leadership in the GOP.

I suppose I should back up a bit and declare my pessimism in the idea that there is actual leadership in the GOP.  There doesn't seem to have been leadership there in, well, how far back should I have to go to find it?  Others might argue (and may feel free to do so in the comment space below) that there has been leadership in the GOP along the way, but I really think it has been missing there for many years - despite the years of the having a Bush in the White House.

It could be argued that pushing through the Bush tax cuts was leadership.  OK, I guess so, but that seems to be about the last time that the GOP exercised and demonstrated leadership.

What I'd like to see now is some true leadership -- from both sides really, but most especially from the GOP -- in the GOP that starts marching the GOP towards some common and common sense goals.  Show yourselves to be the anti-tax party for all, not just for the rich.  Show yourself to be in favor of fairness and equality for all *without regard for gender, race, class, etc.*  Remind us all that the GOP is NOT in favor of discriminating against anyone.  Remind us all that the GOP is the party of Lincoln.  And start voting in favor of real, concrete, plans that would meet those goals.  Not feel good, do nothing, laws that make things overly complicated, but straight forward tax plans that are fair to all.

Show that the GOP is not a party that does nothing, or impedes progress, rather it is one that doesn't implement solutions to problems that don't exist and doesn't pander to the masses.  Create a constant stream of press that shows that the other side is what is standing in the way.  Take away the other side's ability to define you, paint you and leave you reeking of the stench that they threw at you.  If that is done, then perhaps the fight isn't lost and the GOP can again be relevant rather than being a poor alternative to the party in power. 

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