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I got the honor of reviewing an KRUPS XP601050 Espresso machine for home use, compliments of Amazon.  Unfortunately, I was less than completely impressed with the machine.  Read the linked review for full details on the issues I had with it and why I can't really recommend it for purchase.

on Nov 13, 2012

I had a Krups personal espresso machine (pump type, not steam) for fifteen years before the vessel finally cracked earlier this year.  It was a great unit and made great coffee - I used regular grounds most of the time, rather than espresso beans, because it would make such mellow coffee with a delicious crema, especially with Ethiopian Yrgicheffe.  It was a predecessor of the XP5220 shown here, a nice unit for only $200.  Only knock is brewing into a regular coffee cup can be tricky (not designed for that) and usually requires 2 'passes'.

I have a Keurig that I'm currently using, with a basket to use my own grounds, but the coffee it makes has no crema at all and just isn't as full-bodied as what the Krups would make.

Here's to ya in the eternal search for the perfect cup!

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