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Published on November 12, 2012 By terpfan1980 In Current Events

The countdown to the fiscal cliff continues with rumblings from both sides, but with little real progress apparent.

The President claims a mandate (thanks to his re-election) and continues to insist that we must ask the wealthy to pay a little more.  Uh, yeah, not so fast.

The Speaker of the House and his party claim their own mandate thanks to their own re-election and they insist that we MUST not raise taxes on anyone given the precarious position the economy is in.  Most especially not raises on small business owners, the engine that drives the economy.

And yet I encounter people like my daughter that wanted to give Obama a second term and believe that his path and direction must be right for the country.  Uh, yeah, sure.  That direction we've been headed in for the last 4 years, stagnant and rotten as it seems to smell, yeah, that must be right.

OK, admittedly, the stonewalling by the GOP, especially the Tea Party elements, in the House of Representatives especially hasn't helped, but it still burns my butt that the majority of the electorate would send back the same failure to get another chance *knowing* that he was going to be working with the same cast of characters around him.  It seemed a lot like expecting that George Lucas was going to be able to take the cast from Episode I and actually offer something that didn't stink on ice for Episode II.  If he'd have killed off Jar Jar Binks in the first 30 seconds of Episode II we might have gotten somewhere, but really it was still Lucas' vision that was wrong and it wasn't going to be better as long as he held onto the reigns.

We'll see over the coming weeks if things have gotten any better.  I suppose these two radically different directions can somehow be combined into one that works for enough of us to keep us from going back into a seriously deep recession.  Maybe.  Possibly.

Eh, never happen :/

on Nov 12, 2012

This is a hard one.

The America we knew ten years ago is gone.  Time to deal with reality (or so I keep telling myself).

We're going to have to compromise to get a budget passed, and generally get things moving again.

Eventually the hard choices and results will come.  Seems like everyone wants to play hot potato with the consequences, but eventually we're all going to be burnt by the deficit.  One way or another.

on Nov 16, 2012

Reagan was a "once in a lifetime".  It is unfortunate, but a fact of life.  Obama's are a dime a dozen.  The jackals are feasting on the carcass.  They do not realize that once it is gone, there is no more.  Exhibit A - Hostess.

on Nov 29, 2012

Hey terpfan, tova and Dr Guy. Nice to see you guys still around. Its been a long time. Place looks somewhat the same since I last came.

As for the topic, in the end I have to agree with Tova, compromise is a must at this time as no one wants to give in even a little (well, maybe Obama as he has been giving in far too often) and this will simply screw everyone if a real compromise is not reached. But you know what? I wouldnt mind letting the Bush tax cuts go and see what would really happen. I would hate to see people get screwed but considering I am depending on a bunch of liars to tell me what would happen, sometimes I would like to see it for myself.

on Dec 03, 2012

Hey Charles...good to see you!

Miss ya!

on Dec 05, 2012

Charles, stop back in more often.

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