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Published on August 29, 2011 By terpfan1980 In Personal Relationships

I wrote a little about this in the article I just finished, but here's an article on just this topic...  I would have (perhaps) posted it sooner, but have been mostly offline due to power outages after the passing through of Hurricane Irene, and well, was otherwise occupied with a honeymoon.

A co-worker (who was one of the groomsmen in the wedding) teased me a bit via TXT message when the Earthquake struck in Virginia (and shocks were felt in Maryland and other parts of the region) that he knew I was on my honeymoon but my new spouse and I really needed to take it easier and stop rockin' the whole coastline   I hadn't even noticed the quake, though we had just stopped riding in the car (on our way home from our far too short honeymoon, having to come back early because her daughter was starting school the following day and we were going to be moving her into her new bedroom in what was "my" house and is now "our" house) so I was walking on sea-legs if that makes sense.  As it turned out, we opted to stop in an SSA office where my new Mrs. could work on submitting the materials to begin the process of the legal name change.

Thankfully the quake wasn't too bad at home.  Actually, as mentioned above, I didn't really even feel it.  And really, it was nothing compared to the "fun" of getting back to her old home where her children were fussin' and feudin' a bit with each other.  The youngest not having made any real progress on cleaning her room (nothing like waiting for the last minute, right?) and getting ready for furniture to move to the new house, the middle child fussin' about not getting help moving anything from the oldest child, and the oldest child apparently defending the youngest and spinning up the middle child in doing so.  Fun, fun, fun.  That added a bit to the fun of getting back to "my" house and getting ready to move her in there, along with the youngest, and having the idea of "'til death do us part" hit again which led to a bit of fightin' between us.  We calmed back down after a little bit as I tried to remind myself to do the same thing I had earlier been telling her to do with her children ("don't escalate...") and both of us quickly realized it was just a result of both of us being tired from a whirlwind trip away and back and of course also from the stress of seeing her children fighting (and having her pulled into the middle of same).

Thankfully after just a bit of time, I was able to make the space for her that she seemed to be looking for (and freaking out over not finding right away), and we wound up waking up much happier the next day where we both attacked the space situation in the bedroom and bedroom closet and got back to having the space seem more "ours" and less "mine."

We got the added bonus of the hurricane (two natural disasters in a week's time, tell me we shouldn't feel "blessed" ) to cap the one-week anniversary.  Except for the power outage that was associated with, it really wasn't too bad.  No fun losing a bunch of frozen foods and other perisherables, but oh well, that stuff can be replaced easily enough.

Realistically, we went to church yesterday and were congratulated multiple times by the pastors and leadership there (thanks to all of those nice folks!), and were used as an example during part of the sermon (in a good way).  It really was a pretty nice week.  We did enjoy the honeymoon trip, though we both would have liked it to be a lot longer.  I'm hopeful that next year we both will get to take and enjoy a nice long trip somewhere so we don't have to feel rushed.  It might be a work+pleasure combo trip for her, but hopefully it'll be something very nice.

The only other item of note, which did bring things down a bit over the last week, was hearing that a co-worker that I really liked (because she was a dedicated and devoted employee!) lost her job in RIFs that went into effect last week.  I was sad to hear that, and still am sad for her.  I hope she gets another job soon and wish her all the best in her job search and in all else she does in life as she's a very sweet and nice person.  I am very glad she was able to attend our wedding and was really glad to see her and her husband both there where she was also able to catch up with another former co-worker (who had retired a few years back).

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