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Published on August 18, 2011 By terpfan1980 In Personal Relationships

Dr. Guy asked in response to another article what's the date -- I'm not sure I had given away the details there previously, but I will here and now.  In just over 2 days, I'll be saying my vows to my soon to be bride.  My second time down the aisle, and hers as well.  We both are looking forward to it, and have been counting the days for a while.  We've had a few bumps along the way as we get closer and keep talking through anything and everything we could think of to make sure we aren't going to surprise each other in bad ways, but nothing yet has derailed us and we both will be doing everything possible to see that nothing ever will derail us.

I wish all my friends (and readers, etc.) here at JU the best over the next few weeks.  As with the past few weeks, I probably won't get much time to stop in and say much here, but I will continue to have you all on my mind.

on Aug 18, 2011

Guess you will be off line for a while!  Dump the laptop, and the texting, and enjoy the honeymoon!  And congratulations on the upcoming Marriage!

on Aug 19, 2011

All the best Terp, to you and the new missus!!!

Take Doc's advice and enjoy the time with your new wife. You deserve it.

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