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My daughter was going to be at the movies last night, having taken advantage of a special offer to go see the new Glee 3D film before it's regular release to the general public this weekend.  Not having gone to a film in a theater in a few months, I opted to take advantage of the time that I would otherwise need to be waiting to pick her back up and opted to go see the last of the Harry Potter movies.  I had seen all of the previous films, but was delayed in seeing Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince because of when that film came out.  (Just before my first wive's accident and death.)

The last couple of films had been reminders to me of her as she had loved the series and enjoyed reading the books and talking about the differences in the films vs. the books.

I'm sad that she didn't get to enjoy the last films with her children and myself, but at least in sitting and watching the last film last night I didn't find myself tearing up about those thoughts, where I would have done so before.  So, yes, it reminds me, but no, not as emotionally as has in the past.  I guess in many ways that it means that what I've told myself all along, that I can be at peace with what happened, is true and that eventually the memories won't sting as much as they did.

I know that the events of the coming weeks will also put distance between my first marriage and my current life, and I find myself looking forward to those events impatiently, not because of that distance, but because of the distance that has existed between my fiance and myself.  Distance that will soon be gone as we get to share our own space together henceforth.

on Aug 12, 2011

It is getting close. When was the date again?

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