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Outdoor concert + near record temps
Published on July 21, 2011 By terpfan1980 In Music

I'm headed off to an outdoor concert tonite with near record temps forecasted (and apparently being delivered upon).  I'm looking forward to some hot music, but the hot weather, blech.

At least I'm supposed to be under the "roof" (tent type) so I'll have some shade to sit in, but just having gone outside to put the trashcan at the curb and take out a piece of furniture that is a giveaway/throwaway item was nearly enough to wipe me out from the heat.

I'm thinking that outdoor shows should be banned in the summer in favor of nice indoor, climate controlled, shows

on Jul 21, 2011

Are you Crazy?!?!?!?!

I hope it is a great show!

on Jul 21, 2011

Who are you seeing?  Are they worth the pain?  Hope it works out ok.

on Jul 22, 2011

The show was very nice, though it was definitely very hot.  I felt very sorry for the artists as it was obvious they had all lost about 5 pounds of sweat as the show progressed.

As to the artist: Dierks Bentley.  Like I said above, he put on a very nice show as did his opening act.  I just wish the whole thing had been indoors in air conditioned comfort.

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