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Two years ago today..
Published on July 19, 2011 By terpfan1980 In Home & Family

Two years ago today my first wife was killed in a car crash that wasn't her fault.  Those that know my history here know the story, others could look back at prior articles if they wanted.  The short story is that she was on a country road, not far from our home, having taken my daughter to a birthday party for one of her friends.  The daughter had been dropped off and my first wife was apparently going to visit some of her old school friends and perhaps buy some fruits/veggies at the fruit stand they operated.  As she waited to turn across the road and turn into the entry area for the stand she was rear-ended by a very large tow truck (the type that tows big trucks) that was following too closely to the mini-van that was following her vehicle.  The mini-van went onto the shoulder and went around her car but the tow truck didn't see her vehicle until it was too late and just drove right through (and basically over) her vehicle.

While I am in a new relationship with a wonderful woman and look forward to our life together I do remember my life with my first wife and think about the hole that her loss left in my life and in the life of my children and her own parents (and my family as well).  There's no way of knowing what our (my first wife and my self) future together held, though I can say with certainty that I wasn't inclined to be looking for another relationship with anyone else, despite issues that we both had with our relationship.

I love my fiance and in so many ways I wish I'd have been able to spend many of the last several years with her (even though I hadn't met her until this last year), but as she and I both have said, there's nothing we'd change about out past relationships as doing so would likely have meant that we wouldn't have been blessed with the children we have.

I'll be headed home from work soon to get my daughter and cook up some food that we'll be taking my former in-laws to share with them.  I'm sure that my former mother-in-law knows the date well and will be thinking of my first wife a lot today too.  I hope those thoughts aren't too tough on her and hope that she's able to think of the happier times rather than concentrating on the loss that was so tough for her to take.

on Jul 19, 2011

You are a good man TerpFan.

on Jul 19, 2011

I am glad you are able to move on with your life and still honor your first wife.  Good Luck, Terp.

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