We may all live in a great big global community, but in my Blog, it's my world.

After getting to spend some nice quiet time with my fiance last night, the world just seems so much brighter today.  Yes, it's hot outside, too hot for my tastes.  Yes, I have lots of work to get done still in the clean-up and readying for her and her youngest daughter to move in soon, but again, just getting to share some quiet time with her makes my day and week so much better.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's that early part of the relationship when everything is so nice together, but the time that I do spend with my fiance just reinforces how much we appreciate each other.  I am looking forward to many years of those feelings, and can't wait for the countdown clock that I have to show low single digits for our wedding day.  It's coming up, and it'll get here soon, though I'm not sure it's soon enough for either of us


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