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Published on July 1, 2011 By terpfan1980 In Politics

I see a news article (via USA Today) on something that I just don't understand at all:

Mich. ban on race, gender in college admissions illegal

First up, I can't understand why there was a need for the ban in the first place, but then my mind is even further boggled in the idea that the ban would be a bad idea?!  Shouldn't our goal in society be to be race/gender neutral (or should I say colorblind?)

Where's the common sense from the Appeals court here?  Allowing schools to factor in race or gender in their admissions policies seems insane to me, but perhaps I'm just off here.

What say you all?

on Jul 01, 2011

Now this is the part I find most disturbing about this article and this person statement:

"Affirmative action is now legal in college admissions in Michigan and that means thousands of black, Latin and native American students who would have been excluded from our best undergraduate and graduate programs will now be admitted," Washington said.

Who would have been excluded? Why? Why would they have been excluded? Because they were Black? Latin? Native American? Or was it because they were not qualified? If it was the former than the problem is race not grades and this is a total shame that we even have to pass such a law to circumvent the problem rather than deal with it.

on Jul 01, 2011

Charles - you are right.  What the court ruling does not do is allow unqualified Caucasians to be included.  There are plenty of qualified minorities.  Those that are not may just not be smart enough.  That is not a cut, nor any slap at any race since it transcends race.  But for those that are smart enough and just do not qualify, one only has to look at the education system to see why, and the article I just wrote for some of the root causes of why the education system is failing.

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