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Published on February 7, 2011 By terpfan1980 In Current Events

Some random thoughts.

First, congratulations to the Green Bay Packers.  Not that I cared who won the Super Bowl this year, but... for the sake of history, well, I think it's cool that Green Bay gets to take the trophy named for their legendary coach back home with them for a while.

Second, AOL is picking up the Huffington Post to the tune of, well, a lot of money.  If that rag was worth that much, how much should my prose be worth?!  PRICELESS. 

Third, the situation in Egypt continues to be fluid.  Not much to really say there other than continued hopes that it is all resolved peacefully and democratically.

Fourth, thank the gods for the warmer weather of yesterday and today.  Despite the leaky roof at work that is made worse by the melting ice and snow that was piled up on it, I do appreciate the slightly warmer temperatures.  Milder is better.  While I like it cooler, I don't like frigid temperatures and that is what we had for much of the last month.

Fifth, thanks for nothing Obamacare.  So much for keeping the healthcare that I had.  My employer is offering us what I would deem major changes this open season.  Higher deductibles combined with Health Savings Plans.  Oh joy.  Higher maximum out of pocket expenses that are supposed to be offset by the use of the HSA plan.  I liked my old plan and now find myself looking at all of the options much more carefully trying to figure out which one will be most cost effective now that my old plan is in effect eliminated.  Ugh.

That's enough for now as I swear I am hearing more dripping water overhead.  I doubt the melting is done up there and really doubt that the facilities people will get the roof leaks patched before summer rolls around.

on Feb 07, 2011

They also reduced the amount you can contribute to the HSA - down to $2.5k.  Coupled with the elimination of the OTC eligibility, Obama just lied through his teeth last night about not raising taxes.  You cannot trust a liberal to ever tell the truth.

on Feb 07, 2011

They also reduced the amount you can contribute to the HSA - down to $2.5k.

Not quite correct as written there: the reduced the amounts that can be contributed to Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's).  Health Savings Accounts (HSA's) are different animals and have different limits.

FSA's did get the changes you mention and in effect those changes will lead to higher taxes on most employees in the country so yeah, he and his friends were fairly blatant in the lies about not raising taxes or changing the plans people already had.

I'm going to be studying my options this afternoon, trying to determine which is my best option for the bottom line as I'm not sure I want to deal with an HSA at this point.  I am quite familar with FSA's and while I hated the company that managed the one I am a participant in, at least I knew full well what to expect with them.  Now dealing with an HSA and learning the rules for use of that is something else added to my already somewhat busy life.  Just what I didn't need/want to make life more confusing for me as I really just want insurance that pays the doctor when I go (minus perhaps a small co-pay at the time of the visit).

on Feb 08, 2011

Health Savings Accounts (HSA's) are different animals and have different limits.

My Mistake.  But I know they really crimped HSAs as well.  They had to pay for heir extravaganza some way.

The biggest irony though is Dick Turbin telling the republicans trying to repeal Obamanationcare to dump their own healgh insruance!  The Democrat Idiots EXEMPTED congress from the plan, so the democrats should DUMP their care and go with socialized medicine if they believed in what they did!  But you will not find anyone pointing out that irony since the MSM is worthless.

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