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Back in slightly older days, when there was a Clueless Old Liberal infesting this site (always crowing that Bush was to blame for everything. Every. Stinkin. Thing.) and President Bush was in office dealing with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq we heard some discussion that thanks to the wars in both places we would be seeing Democracies popping up in the middle East as others in the surrounding countries would get to witness democracy in action in those countries and would in turn desire it for themselves.

Here we are years later watching massive unrest in Egypt and now also in Jordan and one who thinks (like say, me!) must wonder aloud was Bush and/or his advisors right, or should I say are they now being proven correct in their earlier characterization of what would eventually happen in the middle East?

on Feb 01, 2011

Interesting concept, too bad everyone out there seems to think the opposite, that somehow those currently in charge were "our boys" and that these protesters don't want them because of us.

on Feb 01, 2011

I wonder if the (C)lueless (O)ld (L)iberal Gene died after Bush left office?

nahhhh!  I still hear him writing Obama's speeches (Pelosi's too!).

As for "democracy breaking out" - that remains to be seen.  Col Gene err. Carter was all agog about the "democrat process" in Iran.  We know where that got us.  The Muslim Brotherhood is behind the scenes in Egypt.  Whether they succeed in turning that country into another Iran remains to be seen.  But I do not count chickens before eggs hatch.

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