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Published on October 8, 2010 By terpfan1980 In Politics

I mumbled (well, more like rambled, ranted, raved a bit, etc.) in a prior article (something about needing a Hero, I think) about the political beating that current Maryland Governor Democrat Martin O'Malley had been laying on former Maryland Governor and current GOP candidate for the same office and how it seemed that Ehrlich's campaign had let O'Malley take swipes at Ehrlich when it should be so easy to counter those negative ads with far more negative material that is all completely truthful.  Well, it seems that over the last dew days the Ehrlich campaign, or someone from the GOP, somewhat on Ehrlich's behalf, has finally taken the gloves off.  Ads are finally airing that point out that O'Malley and his friends that control the legislature in the state are responsible for a 20% increase in the state's sales tax, as well as other tax increases and seemingly uncontrolled runaway spending.  Yay!

It may be a little too little and a lot too late, but perhaps, just perhaps O'Malley will pay the price for what he's done to the state of Maryland.  One can only hope.

on Oct 11, 2010

I suspect that there will be a lot of movement in many races now.  The final numbers are out and the showing is bad.  I cringe at the lies Obama and Biden continue to perpetuate about "republicans", when they know damn well that the democrats have been controlling the purse string, and the long ride into this recession, since 06.

Blaming Bush is one thing since he was president until 09.  But the democrats, not the republicans have been in control of congress since 07.

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