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Published on September 24, 2010 By terpfan1980 In Personal Computing

Bonus article from me today as I have a little extra time to write today...   (eh, maybe I should just count this as getting ahead for the weekend when I won't have time to write at all, but I digress...)

We're having fun at work, or at least some of my team members at work are having fun, as the latest buzzwords become directives for things we must do over the next few years.  The best and biggest of the buzzwords being virtualization.  Oh joy.

Actually virtualization can be a great thing if used appropriately, but there-in lies the rub.

Virtualizing a server, or a license service (if done correctly, and if it works correctly) is a good thing.  Virtualizing file storage, resource sharing, and all of that is also a great thing.  But... virtualizing a workstation, or several of them, when you don't have a clue doesn't make much sense, and yet that is what some of the powers that be seem to be hellbent on doing.

Imagine if you will taking a typical user workstation with applications that are single user, not multi-user type, are graphics intensive and memory intensive and virtualizing them just because that is what you've been told you must do.

Imagine spending about $2000 or more per virtual workstation to replace a working desktop computer with a virtual terminal when the desktop computers cost all of about $1200 or so per terminal.

That's the kind of math we're looking at and yet because someone has buzzword-itis and they've been hearing and reading about how virtualization is the magic bullet to solving computing cost issues they're on a one-way path to implementing virtual workstations despite the fact that in reality it makes little or no sense to even consider doing so given the environment and computing needs of the facility they are pushing such solutions for.

These are the kinds of problems that come up when the tail wags the dog, and these are just the issues that will frustrate my team over the next several years.  Oh to have some leadership that was more forceful when it came to advising our customers.

on Sep 24, 2010

Virtualization is the buzzword now.  But as you point out, it is not for workstations (neither was the thin clients of the past decade that was touted with the same type of ROI).

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