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Published on September 20, 2010 By terpfan1980 In Sports & Leisure

I knew going into the weekend that this past weekend wasn't likely going to produce the results I wanted from either of my favored teams.  The Terrapins were going up against the Mountaineers and that's not been a good match-up for them historically.  This year wasn't really any different as the Terps proceeded to let themselves basically be pushed all around the field.  They did score some points, so perhaps it wasn't an embarassment, but West Virginia could have (seemingly) scored at will so I don't look at the Terps performance as any sort of moral victory.  Next weekend will likely deliver a more favorable result for the Terps, but only because they are going up against what would, for now, be seen as much weaker competition.

The Redskins on the other hand, well I didn't expect them to do all that much against the Texans.  After all, the Texans basically destroyed the Indiannapolis Colts in the first week of the season and the Colts are not that bad a team.  The Redskins won their first game, but with such anemic offense that any thought that they'd be competitive against the Texans wasn't allowed to enter my head.  And yet... well, as I sat watching the Jason Aldean concert I kept checking the score to see what was happening in the Redskins game and I couldn't believe that they were ahead for much of the game.  Not just ahead, but a commanding lead.  One that should have been insurmountable.  Should have been being the key words there.

The Redskins blew that lead, had a field goal blocked (which came back to haunt them), had a time out called when their kicker should have hit the winning field goal, then missed on the official try.  From there it was pretty much destiny that the Texans were going to win the game and sure enough they came through, hit their required field goal and the game ended on that sad note (sad for Skins fans).

I shouldn't even begin to mention the Nationals who are limping through the closing days of their season.  Apparently they have a lot of interest in getting yet another high draft pick as they have looked pathetic for the last several months.  Blech.  Most likely they aren't going to keep Adam Dunn around next season and if they don't keep him and can't find themselves a slugging first baseman they are likely going to be unwatchable for most of next season.  Sadly, for me, the Nationals decision on what they do with Dunn could seriously impact any shot at keeping me as at least a partial plan season ticket holder for the team.  Given a lack of free time and other activities that I tend to enjoy more (see concerts as an example), the thought of paying a lot of money for tickets to the Nationals when I know they'll stink as bad or worse than they did in prior seasons isn't all that appealing.

on Sep 20, 2010

I was going to fish out your old article where I stated that no good comes from east coast transplants in Oakland, but this one will do.

Told you so!  That is not a razz against the Skins (it is not their fault that the west coast picks up their discards), but just an affirmation that Campbell was NOT the QB the Raiders need.  Gradkowski showed he was the man last year.  That was demonstrated by not only the Offense coming alive, but the defense as well!

So it was a decent weekend for me (come on!  Who CAN'T beat the Rams after all?).

on Sep 20, 2010

I admit to being a little disappointed with the news on Campbell.  I hoped he'd get a chance to show that he is a servicable quarterback, but apparently that either isn't the case, or Al Davis is just too impatient to let him get into a groove.

Hopefully your team comes around, regardless of who your QB is.

on Sep 21, 2010

or Al Davis is just too impatient to let him get into a groove.

Al does not make decisions DURING the game.  That was all Cable's doing.  And I think it was correct.  Campbell is probably a good athlete, but he is not a team leader.

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