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I'm looking at you Apple
Published on September 8, 2010 By terpfan1980 In Personal Computing

I'm trying to get iPhone OS 4.1 downloaded and installed on my iPhone 4.  A fairly trivial task that normally just involves going into iTunes (latest version normally required) with the phone connected to the system, click on the "Check for Updates" button within iTunes and then letting iTunes download the update as required and apply it after it has been downloaded.  Except... well, the Wi-Fi connection on the network I have access to currently is not the best, and is far from always reliable.

That shouldn't really be a big deal as iTunes should be able to deal with the lost connection back to the download location and it even offers a "Resume All" button on the download screen that can be used to, well, not resume at all.  Nope, the word should really be "Retry all" or something similar as there is absolutely not a RESUME feature for downloads within iTunes except for downloads that were "paused" by the user.  Apparently any "dropped" or "disconnected" downloads can't be resumed no matter how far along you'd gotten in the downloading process.  Your only option is to try again from the beginning.  No fun at all when you are staring at 100's of megabytes of downloads on a less than reliable network.  Blech!

Really Apple, this is the 21st Century.  Even back in the old BBS days, with transfer protocols like YModem and ZModem and such, there were "resume partial downloads" features that allowed a transfer to be picked up where it dropped off.  Why can't iTunes do that itself?!

Thanks for nothing Apple.  Rather than letting me snag just that last little bit that I might be missing, have me start all over again, wasting my bandwidth and yours.  Really high-tech way of doing business - NOT!

on Sep 08, 2010

Your headline indicated that perhaps there were more fireworks coming.


My work is giving us stipends instead of phones, which is great for me!  But it also means I have to go get a smart phone now.  I am looking at the Droids.

on Sep 08, 2010

Considering how "easy" it is to quickly play an album in iTunes, are you surprised that the "Resume" button actually doesn't do what you expect?

Apple could take a lesson from MS in some areas.  Like how easy it is to play media with the Zune software.  *gasp*


I'm in the same boat as you right now.  In a hotel with a crap connection for another week.  I think it's a single T1 for the whole hotel...  Needless to say, it times out a lot, especially after dinner time.

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