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Through Amazon's Vine Program (where they provide materials to reviewers that are supposed to be consumed and then honestly reviewed) I had the pleasure of being introduced to the works of author Joseph Teller.  His first book, The Tenth Case (linked to my review at Amazon.com), was very good and quite enjoyable so I was very happy when I was offered the opportunity to get his newest book Depraved Indifference (also linked to my review at Amazon.com) to read and review.

Since the days of my youth, reading Hardy Boys novels along with Jupiter Jones and other tales, I've enjoyed reading legal thrillers and mysteries.  I rather lost touch with the pleasure of such reading until John Grisham hit it big with The Firm but then got back on in a fairly consistent manner.

Another of my later favorites have been another author I mention in my reviews above (Steve Martini), though there are others I've enjoyed reading as well (Dick Francis comes to mind).  Vince Flynn is another.

Give me a good book by one of these authors and I'll generally complete the read in a few days time.

Sadly, I don't seem to make the time that I should for reading novels any more.  I still enjoy doing so once I get started, but I just don't seem to make the time that I should.  Back in my road warrior days (previous job), one of the great side benefits was having so much time when I was travelling on planes.  I could easy start up a novel as I took my seat on the plane and be well into it by the time the plane landed.  Over the next few days I'd finish it up and repeat the process on my next trip.  The best time for that was back in 1999 when I was commuting to a customer site each week with weekends back home.  I didn't get a lot of time at home on those weekends, but with so many flights going back and forth I was able to run through several books that had been sitting in my book shelf.

With a vacation planned over the summer, I'm looking forward to the idea that I might get some more reading done, though it might be on an electronic reader as I contemplate perhaps buying an iPad.  I like the idea of using one as a media player and web consumption gadget, though I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of it when I'm at home.  If I could get back into the reading habit, maybe a lot, but if not, then not so much.

Anyway, I do heartily recommend grabbing a copy of Joseph Teller's works.

on Jun 02, 2010

Bronx JusticeHappy happy! Joy joy!  It seems that I missed one of Teller's releases that had come out between The Tenth Case and Depraved Indifference: Bronx Justice.  I've not yet read it (since I didn't know it had come out), but after discovering it yesterday I quickly placed an order (yes, I am paying to buy it, not getting it free, so it is costing me money) for a copy.  On the plus side I was able to snag a "Like New - Mint condition" copy with free Amazon Prime shipping, so I should get my copy quickly and didn't have to pay anything to get it shipped so it wound up costing me about half of the new price.  I would have paid full price and not really complained, but if I can snag a bargain why not?

Hopefully Bronx Justice will be a decent book as well.  Again, my problem will come up in trying to find time to read the copy, but I do have plans that should give me time to do some reading soon enough.

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