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Some more recent movie watching leads me to a few more movie reviews and a couple of technology product reviews for those that might be interested.  The technology product review may interest some road warrior types or others that have to keep track of receipts and expenses, so I'm gonna cover that one first, then jump into the movies.

NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner and Digital Filing SystemThe first technology product that I want to mention is the NeatReceipts portable scanner system.  As mentioned above, if you are a road warrior type and have to travel for work you are probably pretty familar with having to deal with submitting expense reports, keeping copies of receipts to submit, tracking all of the money you've spent on behalf of your employer or customers, etc.

The NeatReceipts device and software helps to make the process much, much easier.  Its a software and hardware combination that provides buyers with a portable (mobile) scanner that is USB powered (so you needn't worry about carrying around an a/c adapter or wall-wart type power device).

My full review of the product can be found at Amazon.com and is worth the read if you are intriqued with the idea of a device such as this.



Centon #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. AMP Edition 4 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive DSN4GB88AMP-09CLAnother technology device was a guilty pleasure purchase.

The full review of that device can be found at Amazon as well (as can the movies that are mentioned below).  While the image to the right might be a little small, you can probably make out the Dale Earnhardt, Jr., AMP 88 racing car.  In this case it's a USB Flash drive, 4GB in capacity.

Again, totally guilty pleasure purchase, though it works well and provides a nice Readyboost cache for me on my laptop system (that I use as my primary computer).  I may yet place an order for the National Guard paint scheme version of the same item, just to show that much more 'allegiance' to one of my favorite NASCAR drivers, even though this week brought the news that the 88 team was being broken up somewhat with Tony Eury Jr. being moved to another role within (the evil empire) Hendrick Motor Sports.  Not to take a NASCAR related detour here but I still wish that Little E. had gone to another team and really wish that he and Tony Eury Jr. had been more successful in the last few seasons.  Little E. has definitely been somewhat snakebit and downright unlucky over the last few seasons and it just seems that he can't get things turned back around.  Regardless, I still wish him all the best and am happy to have a few trinkets that show who one of my favorite drivers is.



Now, on to the movies!

New in Town [Blu-ray]For anyone looking for a romantic comedy to watch, you could do worse than the Zellweger/Connick Jr. vehicle: New In Town (full review is at title link).  I don't want to duplicate the comments that I made in the review at Amazon, so I'll refer those that want details there.  There are several details and comments there that should be well worth reading.

The quick summary: worth a rental/view, but not so much worth purchase on Blu-ray.

Valkyrie [Blu-ray]Besides that film, I also got a chance to sit and watch the Tom Cruise film: Valkyrie (full review is linked to title).  Perhaps despite the sometimes quirky/flakey Mr. Cruise, the film was quite interesting.

Valkyrie tells the true story of one of the plots to assasinate Hitler by soldiers in Hitler's own military.  While the outcome is predetermined before you watch the film (if you know anything at all about WWII history), that doesn't stop the film from being fascinating to watch.

Quick summary: watch it.  WWII buffs should consider purchase, most others rental.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop [Blu-ray]Paul Blart Mall Cop was another film I watched recently.  It's a nice family friendly comedy that many might enjoy, though don't look for it to be better than just alright.

Clearly inspired by/ borrowing somewhat heavily from the Die Hard films (among others), Mall Cop is a Happy Madison spin on such films, as well as perhaps delivering a real life version of the cartoon character Norman Drabble's father.

Again, family friendly, which helped it to earn decent returns when it was in theatres.  Probably not very memorable for most viewers which means it should probably be considered a rental for most people, rather than a purchase.

While She Was OutFinally, one for the action/terror types, there's the Kim Basinger film While She Was Out.  I don't want to spoil the simple beauty of the relatively few words that I used in my review at Amazon, so I'll refer you there for this one.

Eh, what the heck, I'll toss in a quick description of the film (without using words I used in the review at Amazon): think of it as Kim and her little red toolbox.

A film that I watched and didn't bother reviewing (since it was already very well covered in other reviews at Amazon.com) was the excellent film: Taken, starring Liam Neeson.  It was a nice thrill ride, action/adventure type, though most definitely not recommended for family viewing.  Highly recommended viewing.  Whether or not to purchase would be up to the viewer's preferences.  Not the type of film I would tend to buy, but others may enjoy multiple viewings and as such would be recommended to buy.

on May 31, 2009

Hi "Barry",

er, Terp!  Nice to see you still around. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate your reviews. As I was reading your review of the Kim Basinger film, I thought that it said "While She Was Hot", and I'm thinking "she's not still hot?".

You're not the first to recommend "Taken" to me. Will have to watch it.


on Jun 01, 2009

Taken was excellent.  If you are catching the un-rated version then warning that it's not for anyone with a weak stomach, probably even in the PG-13 version really.  That said, it was quite the thrill ride with plenty of action and adventure.  Lets just say that Liam Neeson does a decent job as someone that WILL FIND YOU and WILL KILL YOU (as he promises).

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