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Published on March 15, 2008 By terpfan1980 In Baseball

Just about two weeks until another opening day and the return of optimism that will come with same.

Oh sure, once the season starts, a month or so has been played and the tendencies to either win or lose start to show up, that optimism will subside and get replaced with realism and the understanding that the teams we cheer for aren't as good as we hoped or wished, but... we just might find out that the team we favor isn't as bad as we thought and is going to have a nice season despite bad expectations.

I hope for the best for my beloved Nationals.  Yeah, they're still n00bs in town, in a new stadium that was built with lots of public funds, but they have been making moves in what seems to be the right direction.  There are still questions (lots of them) about their pitching and how good or bad it may be, and the injury bug could spring up at the wrong time (heck, just about anytime is the wrong time for that to happen), but they should be competitive and fun to watch.

Nationals Park

I'm sure I'll be griping about being forced to watch them in standard definition on a cable channel controlled by the 'evil' Peter (the greed) Angelos, but I'll be watching them on my TV, and I'll be watching a few games in person enjoying my new seats from my partial season ticket plan.  Hopefully the high definition upgrades will come along fairly soon (they are promised, but how soon they'll get here is the question...) and hopefully the new stadium will make for a very nice experience.

Such is the optimism that the coming of opening day brings.

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