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Netflix announces that they are going Blu-ray exclusive for future releases
Published on February 12, 2008 By terpfan1980 In DVD

Netflix, who had been format neutral and was serving as a good source for HD DVD rental discs for many customers (like me) has announced that with Warner Brothers studio and many of their partners and affiliates going Blu-ray exclusive that they (Netflix) too will go Blu-ray exclusive in the future.  Over the next few months Netflix will stop purchasing stock (inventory) in the HD DVD format and will quit replenishing inventory in that format also, choosing instead to carry only DVD and Blu-ray discs.

This disappoints me on several fronts, mostly because while I recognize that the HD DVD format is dieing and will likely not be able to mount any real comeback here, it is still not a bad format and at least for the forseeable future still has two major studios exclusively releasing in that format, those being Universal and Paramount (which includes partner Dreamworks SKG).  Even with Warner's announcement of their shift to exclusively producing Blu-ray (they are still putting out standard definition DVD as well) content rather than both Blu-ray and HD DVD content, the split on disc content in either format was approximately 75% - 25% Blu-ray to HD DVD.  That still leaves 1 of every 4 movies in HD DVD, or selling in HD DVD.

Netflix really seems to be jumping the gun here a bit, apparently willing to lose customers that desire HD DVD discs to either buy the discs (which would be counter productive to Netflix's goals here really) which will blip up the sales somewhat, or leaving them to rent discs from Blockbuster.com which will, at least for now, happily keep renting in both formats so they can attract the HD DVD niche and make money off of same.

Given the lack of timely delivery of both Blu-ray and HD DVD content from Netflix lately (for my subscription), I'm just as happy to tell them to pound sand and take a hike.  I'll take my business over to Blockbuster and leave Netflix 1 fewer customer to worry about delivering discs to.  When/if Blockbuster stops carrying HD DVD content I can decide if I want to buy discs in HD DVD format (I remain format neutral in my home) based upon reviews over at HighDefDigest.com and Amazon.com (among other sites) where I can determine if I should potentially make a purchase or if the HD DVD just isn't worth it for any particular title.

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