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It looks like Microsoft needs to institute a policy of not providing any vacation or holiday pay, for the period from approx. Dec. 20 - Jan. 5 and probably for every other major Holiday period, to the engineers that work on the Xbox Live system.  It seems, sadly, that every year we see the problems with Xbox Live.  Too many users trying to get on all at the same time.  Except that should never be a problem, since Microsoft should surely be able to tell how many users use the system at peak, and should be able to estimate how many new users they'll get over the holidays {I guess they use their own pathetic Office software to do their estimating with and can't get a real answer back from same}.

Seriously, Xbox Live has been as bad as a couple of high school kids sexually experimenting:

He: Oh, I think I'm in...

Her: Ah, try again...

You get the idea.

Actually it's been up and down so much, maybe the better comparison is to the chicken ranch in Nevada... {wink, wink}

Either way, it's pretty pathetic.  I had cracked a joke, among friends, that my friends and I should be glad that we don't have Sony running Xbox Live.  That was a few days back actually.  My point at the time is that Sony's Playstation Network is a virtual ghost town most of the time, and worse yet for Sony, it just isn't as feature rich and friendly as is Xbox Live.  It is free, but as my friends noted, you sort of get what you pay for.  Most of the time, that is.  Sadly, lately, we've certainly not been getting what we pay for out of Xbox Live.

Microsoft would seem to owe every Xbox Live user about 2 extra weeks of free time on the service at this point, because, as usual, every time there is a big holiday and time off for most of the country, the usage overwhelms the system and everyone is left hating life unable to play on the service they pay for.

Bleh.  Thanks for being Scrooges here Microsoft.

on Dec 31, 2007
Yeah, I actually feared something was wrong with either my account or my XBox, until I went to the forums and noticed that basically everyone was having problems.

You would think that MS would post a notice somewhere saying 'XBL currently having load problems', but no, you only get the cryptical status codes and a message 'feature not available or account banned'. And that just after christmas, where all those kids who got an XBox, XBox Live membership or new games are trying to log on.

The high server load during these holidays was really unexpected, I guess. /sarcasm
on Dec 31, 2007

The high server load during these holidays was really unexpected, I guess. /sarcasm

Yeah, it never ceases to amaze me how badly Microsoft does when it comes to this issue.  If you were trying to sell Xbox Live memberships over the holidays you'd have a helluva time explaining to customers that the network is "never this bad."

Heck, if I was Sony, I'd have some commercials made up very quickly that show the problems that everyone was having on Xbox Live over this last week or so and have them running anywhere and everywhere I could.  Playstation 3 player sits happily gaming against their friends, Xbox Live gamer sits looking at a screen with a little circle spinning around until the system finally pops up the error message.

Worst for Microsoft is that their stupid DRM schemes for the Xbox Live Arcade games they've sold to customers are tied back to the original box that customers downloaded the content on.  So, for example, I have a few hundred dollars worth of Xbox Live Arcade games that I can't run because I'm working on my 5th Xbox 360 system after having to send back others for repairs (Red Rings of Death, dead DVD drive, etc.)

on Dec 31, 2007
It gets better. If you happen to move country and want to keep your account updated - you're out of luck. MS doesn't allow you (or their employees) to change the country of the address. Basically what they tell you is to create a new account, play again for all your thousands of gamerpoints and spend all the money for arcade downloads again.

I'm already looking forward to the time when they start comparing IP number from the XBox to the country TLDs...
on Dec 31, 2007

It gets better. If you happen to move country

Funny you mention that... I have a friend that lives in Canada (made friends with her and her husband via Xbox Live) and she has complained in the past about how they can't download the movie content and other content that we can get in the U.S.A.

Pretty stupid that you can't change your address though.

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