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Published on December 13, 2007 By terpfan1980 In Baseball

Were you on the list?  (borrowing and using a piece of a tag-line from last season's Heroes TV show for my own purposes here...)

Heck, you might as well have been on the list, with the Mitchell Report naming some 70+ names, and talking about the decades of performance enhancing drugs that have permeated Major League Baseball over the last 20 years (give or take).

It really is a sad state of affairs.  Fans (such as me) ate up the record chases until we started realizing that we were seeing records broken by tainted heroes.  In some cases (cough, cough San Francisco and bay area fans, cough, cough!) even with that realization there was still hero worship.

The dust will settle over time, but what the Mitchell Report really shows is that baseball has been dirty for far too long.  The owners ignored the problem because they were benefiting financially.  TV (I'm looking at you here ESPN) ignored the problem because they were benefiting.  The players (at least some of them) were benefiting (via millions in salary and bonuses) and they definitely didn't want to address the problem as they knew it would affect entire teams of players (even as some complained that cheaters were cheating them out of jobs).  All dirty, dirty, dirty.

I fear that Congress will get their hands into this again and really ruin it for everyone, but I do feel bad about supporting MLB in any form currently.  Were it not for having waited literally DECADES to get baseball back in D.C. I doubt that I'd spend a dime to go see games, but realistically I've been waiting so long for baseball, I'll be accepting it warts and all, there showing support so that I will hopefully be able to watch a team in this area 10 years, or 20 years down the road when the problem has hopefully been eradicated and the random testing program has gotten good enough to test for HGH and other substances and the chances of a cheater not getting caught will be between slim and none.

Just my $0.02

on Dec 13, 2007

It's like I used to say when the players in each league took turns going on strike... what we need is a fan strike.  For an entire season, no one go to any professional league game... not one.

The players, the owners, the managers, and everyone else would quickly get the message.


on Dec 14, 2007

Steroids came into their own in the 70s.  the NFL (and probably other Professional sports) banned them quickly.  When did MLB?

1991.  Long after everyone else was getting suspended and booted (especially in track and field and the olympics), baseball was ignoring it.

Even after banning them, did they take a get tough approach like the Olympics and the NFL?  no.  It was all talk and no walk.

So I fail to see how this latest revelation is a scandal.  Players were using them?  Well Gorrrrrrleeeee!

The Mitchell report is stupid in one very important respect.  It is listing the wrong names.  The names should be Bud Selig and his predecessors, along with Steinbrenner and his compatriots. I dont admire or hold in high regard the people whose names do appear on that list.  For in the end, they did cheat,  But apparently with the {wink wink} consent of the real criminals.

on Dec 14, 2007
Ken Griffey Junior....not on the list

Randy Johnson....not on the list

A-Rod...traitor, scum bucket, spalding whore...but not on the list

The truth is, there are a lot of great players who aren't on the list, and probably will not be. While I was sad to see Rocket's name mentioned, it only enhances the careers of people like the Bit Unit when their names DON'T make the list.

As for Selig, he's the biggest crook since Landis. And he's using the same ploy, using steroids to get his name mentioned among the greats when he has no business among the immortals.
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