We may all live in a great big global community, but in my Blog, it's my world.

This looks to be a year when I'll be wearing sweaters a lot in my home.  It looks like we're in for a cool winter at the very least, if not a downright cold one.  (So much for your global warming theories there AlGore!)

With energy costs as high as they are, especially natural gas (or LP gas) gas costs as high as they are, I am determined to do what I can to keep more money in my pocket and away from the gas company and electric company, so the programmable thermostat in the house is seeing lower temperatures set where possible, including keeping things cooler in the cool periods and less warm in the warmed periods.  I'll adjust over time I'm sure, but meanwhile I'm using a long sleeve shirt as a light jacket/coat within the house so I can stay more comfortable without cranking up the heat.

I'm reminded a bit of the Jimmy Carter (bigger than a Peanut ) era with thermostats set as low as possible, but in reality I don't so much blame the pol's as I do the ever increasing energy usage world wide, and of course the greed of the oil countries that are doing their best to keep oil prices high which drives up, or at least helps gives some room to raise up, the prices of LP gas, and more.

I'm still no fan of hot weather as I know I'd just be running the air conditioner like crazy and never cooling the house down, but I actually miss the warmer milder weather a bit now.

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