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I got the seat assignment information for the new Nationals Park stadium in yesterday's mail and was pleasantly surprised that it looked like my seats in the new park will be about where I was hoping they'd be and about where I had requested that they'd be.

I still have concerns about where the sun will be for day games and evening games, and hope that I won't be cooked to a sunburned crisp by attending games at the park, but until I've been able to see the new park from inside for both day and night games, it's hard to know where the best spots for those games would be.

Meanwhile, I had prioritized my seat requests -- per the survey that the Nationals sent out to existing season ticket plan holders -- based on the expense of the seats and based on asking for Aisle seats with an admitted willingness to take somewhat less desirable seats in order to accomodate as many of my priorities as possible.  The Nats supposedly went through a manual process to address every season ticket holder's request in a prioritized fashion based on how long they'd been season ticket holders, what type of plan they had previously (and possibly what type of plan they were requesting in the new park) and what section the ticket holders had been in previously (whether or not they were trying to upgrade from less expensive seats to more expensive seats, etc.)

Being budget minded, I targetted a section that looked like it would give equivalent views to where my seats were last year, and which would be similarly priced to what myself and my ticket buying partners were used to last season.  I'm happy that my requests seemed to be addressed fairly well and that we should have decent seats next season.  I know that there are several unhappy Nats fans (see the Message forums at Nationals.com site) that felt that they were somewhat shafted in their requests, and I feel for those folks, but I also feel for the Nationals as they were moving out of a stadium that had been their temporary home into a new stadium that clearly didn't directly match up (seating wise).

The Nationals have possibly held back some expensive seats for potential full season ticket purchasers, as they expect next season to be a very busy one.  I expect after next year that there will be some people that drop their tickets for the Nationals and possibly buy seats 'up the street' in Baltimore.  I don't see that as a bad thing as it should allow for some unhappy ticket holders to possibly upgrade their tickets for the Nats and it should also help sell more tickets for the Orioles (who, despite their owner, who I will probably forever despise, deserve a little support from the fans that used to cheer for them but have almost completely ignored them since the new kids have been in town).

In anycase, thanks Nats.  While I could always ask for some better seats, I respect the job you folks did and thank you all for doing your best to get me decent seats in the new park.

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