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... and everyone asks 'why?'
Published on November 8, 2007 By terpfan1980 In Playstation

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My friend Skittles and others over at UncleGamer.com have done a much better job of ripping Sony on this issue than I could, so I'll point people to their article here: PlayStation 3 firmware update to 2.0 tomorrow, cures insomnia.

If you'd rather not take the time to go visit the site, let me summarize and paraphrase in this manner: This does not rate a 2.0 number.  Considering that the last version before this was 1.92, this should be more like 1.93.  There's nothing major here.  Why the major version number changed at all is just baffling.  Going from one major version to another major version is usually an indicator that something major has changed.  Apparently Sony doesn't believe they need to follow that convention and they are changing the numbers regardless.

What Sony really needs to concentrate on is getting out more and better exclusive titles and, hey, here's a clue for them: IMPROVING THE PLAYSTATION NETWORK.  Microsoft fairly well kills them in the features on Xbox Live.  Hands down.  If Sony borrowed and copied a lot of the functionality that shows up in Xbox Live, they might actually have a nice product.

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