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Following up on the earlier article about World Series 2007 I'll expand a little on why I just don't care about WS2007 -- because of the FRIGGIN' announcers on FOX.

It may be sacriligous to say I don't care for Joe Buck, but I am growing increasingly tired of his act.  Pair him up with Tim McCarver and you really lose me.

As an example of why: both went off on a 'we know more than everyone else and yet we can't figure out why the starter is still in the game' in the 7th inning.  Uh, perhaps because he is still pitching incredibly effectively, hasn't tossed that many pitches, and because the manager doesn't want to waste his bullpen if he neen't do so.

These same idiots would be insulting us during the next game by saying that the manager mis-used the bullpen here if he went for it too early.  They'd insult him if he did pull the starter and then the bullpen wasn't effective.  And yet they ramble on about why the starter is still there when he's doing a great job.

Yeah, they give me plenty of reason to tune in and watch more than a few minutes of the fall classic - NOT!  

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