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Published on October 24, 2007 By terpfan1980 In Baseball

Before the first game of the series is played, I'll go out on the record and tell the world here that I just don't care who wins this one.  My own favorite team isn't involved in the game and thanks to yet more recent reports of potential steroids and cheating issues, I really don't care about the series at all.  Whomever wins it, wins it, but I just don't care.

I would say it's about like how I felt about Bonds breaking Aaron's homerun record, but I did care about that.  I hated that event, and still hate it, because to me Bonds is an obvious cheat.  He went from being a very talented ballplayer to being a cheat that was driven to break not just the single season homerun record (which I still believe rightfully belongs to Roger Maris) but also to breaking the all-time homerun record that rightfully belongs to Henry Aaron, followed by Babe Ruth.

In the case of the Colorado Rockies vs. the Boston Red Sox for World Series 2007, I just don't care.  Either team could win and it wouldn't affect me at all really.  It wouldn't make the game better or worse, and wouldn't inspire me to watch or stop watching.  Like I said, I just don't care.

Pick a winner?  Pass.  Whomever wins it, wins it.  Over in 4 games?  Don't care.  Goes the full 7? Still don't care.  Perfect game thrown in one of the games?  Congrats to whomever.  Hope that they don't find out later that the pitcher was using HGH, but otherwise really don't care.

I'll probably check the score just for the curiousity of whether or not the long, long layoff between the NLCS and the start of the World Series really made any impact on the Rockies, but otherwise, I really don't think I could be less enthusiastic about a sporting event.

on Oct 24, 2007

I hope the other 56 channels (57 channels and nothin' on) have something for me to see, as the MLB won't be getting my TV viewing attention.

on Oct 24, 2007
If the Yankees are not playing I just don't care.
on Oct 25, 2007

I have my teram (teams if you count the Orioles) that I root for.  Then I have teams I root against!

The Red sox are one of the latter.  Not a great start for Colorado, but here's for them pasting the sox!

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