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Xbox 360 frustrations
Published on October 23, 2007 By terpfan1980 In XBOX

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Argggggghhhhh! For the 5th time (if I'm counting correctly, I got fuzzy after the 3rd one....) I'm going to be shipping a dead Xbox 360 back to Microsoft so that they can try yet again to ship me one that will actually last more than 4 or 5 months before it decides to start saluting General Hardware Failure.

I really wish that Microsoft would permanently demote that s.o.b. and send his butt off to the old officer's retirement home.

At least 4 separate boxes have been in my home, and all 4 have been replaced because of hardware failures.  3 red lights.  The ring of death.

I swear nothing is more frustrating than turning on the box only to have it fail to boot up.  I half expected it after the last time I played and it seemed sluggish to boot.  I should have called in to support then but I was in denial.  I didn't want to admit to myself that I'd be losing my beloved gaming console yet again.

Thank god for having a spare in the house (and I really hope I don't jinx myself in even mentioning that box).  I don't want it to die too and leave me without a 360 to play games on.

Reportedly Microsoft has figured out the cause of their problems and they expect to have permanently repaired the problems.  Or so they say.  Sadly, their expectation of when they found and permanently fixed the problems was about a month after I got back the latest dead box from them.    I hope the next one goes far longer than then 4 - 5 months that this current one did before it went belly up.

on Oct 23, 2007

It really says a lot that while this 360 is off for repair that I basically stole back the spare that I have in my living room for my wife/daughter to play on (which they never do).  As I said, I don't want to jinx myself, but I really hope it keeps on going like the Energizer bunny while the main box is making a return visit back to the factory/repair center.

What this all really says a lot about is the PS3 which sits with a cover over it because I'm trying to keep dust off of it.  It sits there covered as there just aren't any games for that box that I feel compelled to play like there are for the 360.  It doesn't have the great experience of Xbox Live, and doesn't please me the way that the 360 does when I get to play on it.

For as irritated as I am at having problems with the 360, I'm far more disappointed in the thought of not having it to play on.

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