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Published on October 13, 2007 By terpfan1980 In Home & Family

So apparently my neighborhood now has problems with hoodlums and jerks.

I have a big blow-up lawn decoration out for halloween.  In this case Gargoyle with eyes that are lit in red thanks to a small lightbulb inside.  I had it out last year and had no problems at all, but this season apparently someone wants to screw with it a bit and they've come along and intentionally cut the same tie down string twice so far.

We've had issues in my area with pre-teens and teens that had been skateboarding in the street regardless of rules against same.  The little jerks crossed out the 'NO' part of the signs that said no skateboarding in the street and kept on going since their parents either don't care, or just plain ignored the signs themselves.

Personally, I'm thinking I'm going to be glad when a few families wind up getting themselves kicked out of the community thanks to their out of control urchins.

I'm just about ready to start video-taping continuously so I can take the tapes to the authorities and have a few kids taken away.  << Grrrrr! >>

on Oct 14, 2007

By all means start the video taping pronto! 

It's so sad when someone has something they enjoy,  and then a piece of trash comes along and ruins it out of jealousy and/or boredom....I know from experience!  so start taping!  

I hope your Halloween isn't ruined by these jerks,  it's such a fun time

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