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In the news today is a report that basically says that Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb believes that Quarterbacks in the NFL that happen to be Black face greater scrutiny than players of the position who are not Black.

Is he right or wrong on this point?

I'm not questioning his right to his opinion, I'm asking if readers here think that opinion holds water and has any basis in fact.

What do you think dear readers?

My opinion to be added into the comments area later on after others have a chance to speak up.

on Sep 18, 2007
Again, I'll add my opinion later.  I'm wondering how many people may share the thoughts I have on the topic and don't want to influence the answers here in advance.
on Sep 18, 2007
Just off the top of my head:

Donovan McNabb.
Tarvaris Jackson.
Jason Campbell.
Vince Young.
Randall Cunningham.
Warren Moon.

Donovan needs to get over himself. I watched the debacle last night -- nobody thinks that he's getting more criticism because he's black. He's getting criticism because he's not playing well. It's not about color of skin, it's about production. And right now the Eagles suck.
on Sep 18, 2007
Think Doug Williams too!
I suppose it is possible for the general public to put greater scrutiny on Black QB's but why should they or anyone else give a shit? That is the unwashed masses who only wish they could play at that level.
I certainly look at wins and losses and my QB's have been sucking this year.
on Sep 18, 2007
I can barely tell what color they are under their helmets, pads, and uniforms. And when I can tell, I don't really care. If they play badly, I'll see that. If they play well, I'll see that. I don't even have to watch a game, I can just look at the post-game reports. That way, color doesn't even come up.
on Sep 18, 2007

Ok, since a little time has passed since I posted the original article and question, I'll offer up a few words here.

Is Donovan McNabb receiving extra scrutiny compared to other quarterbacks?  Yes.  But not for the reason that he think's he is  (certainly not because of race).

He receives extra scrutiny and extra criticism because he plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, a team with fans that are notorious for hating their own team's players no matter how good they are.  If you haven't brought 'them' a championship in the last 2 seasons, then you must SUCK in their mind no matter if you could otherwise walk on water.

As some Sports talk radio guys in the D.C. area posited today 'can you imagine how beloved Donovan McNabb would be in D.C.?' -- yes, yes I can.  He'd be nearly a god in D.C.  He'd be revered and worshiped.  He'd still get criticized for how he plays if he screws up, but he'd get a lot more forgiveness and see a lot more patience for his play if he played in D.C.

The time when being Black was really a distinguishing factor for Quarterbacks passed some time ago, despite the comments made by Rush Limbaugh a few seasons back when he had his short employment with ESPN.

That barrier has been broken not just by Doug Williams, but by Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, Vince Young, Michael Vick (though Vick broke a lot of other things that shouldn't have been broken along the way ), Jason Campbell, and others (see list up above that I didn't mean to copy but was thinking about in a similar fashion while speaking up here).

McNabb takes a lot of heat because his team hasn't gotten over the hump.  They got to the playoffs, made it to the superbowl, but were soundly defeated in that superbowl.  Not necessarily because of McNabb, but then again as Terrell Owen's would tell you HE MOST CERTAINLY WASN'T THE PROBLEM

Personally I'm tired of RACE being used as a factor in just about anything in this country.  I wish we'd get well past that being the case.  But, for as long as people *can* bring it up as a consideration, it may never go away.

on Sep 19, 2007

He receives extra scrutiny and extra criticism because he plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, a team with fans that are notorious for hating their own team's players no matter how good they are.

A fall over from being a city of "NY Wannabees".  NY is famous for the exact same thing - in all sports.

on Sep 20, 2007
If he is saying the NFL scrutinizes black QBs more harsher because they feel they somehow are inferior players then he is dead wrong. All you have to do is look at the last 2 drafts. This year JaMarcus Russell was picked ahead of Brady Quinn and last year Vince Young was drafted higher than Matt Leinart.

If he is saying he is being scrutinized in Philadephia simply because he is black then he again is dead wrong. They boo everybody and everything in Philly. They booed Mike Schmidt , and even booed Santa Claus. I think Philly fans revel in it, and look for any reason to do it.

He mentioned Tom Brady and Peyton Manning never get scrutnized as much as him. Well, of course. Brady has won 3 Super Bowls and Manning, who won his first ring last season, seems like he has a record-breaking season year after year. If he thinks no white QB gets boo or scrutinize he is sadly mistaken. Look at Rex Grossman. Look at Joey Harrington. Hell, look at the New York QBs. The Jets fans cheered when Chad Pennington got injured.

QBs probably get too much credit when a team wins and too much blame when they lose. He knows that. I bet the years the Eagles were consistently going to NFC Championships he loved how he was treated.

But who knows where Donovan's head is at. When Terrell Owens was there and started saying things about McNabb it was said over half the team took T.O.'s side. Then you see how the team rallied behind Jeff Garcia last year when Donovan got hurt. Add to it, where I don't think he is the most scrutinized QB in the NFL , I do think the things said to him by fans and non-fans are harsher and what is said is the only time his race does becomes a factor. Does it mean black QBs are scrutinized more? No, but I can see where he might think so.
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