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Published on August 16, 2007 By terpfan1980 In Playstation

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Argh!  Stupid Sony.

First, they had to outsmart their competitors by making their Blu-ray remote controls Bluetooth devices.  Bluetooth wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that there's no IR capability in the remote control to go with the Bluetooth communication and because of that the BD remote (Blu-ray disc remote control) doesn't function as a universal remote control.  Blah.

Second, the stinkin' remote doesn't even come with the darned system.  $24.99 add-on.  Ok, I know you can use the Six-axis controller to control movie playback if you want, but it isn't convenient either.

The $24.99 price really doesn't bother me if the remote control would also control my TV, or at least the VOLUME on the TV since the Blu-ray disc manufacturers and/or movie makers that create most of the content on the discs are absolutely horrible at setting consistent volume levels across the entireity of a movie.

At least Microsoft gives their media remote control away with the HD-DVD add-on device, and that device is a *universal* remote control, or at least multifunction remote control that will control the vast majority of TVs on the market.

Thanks for nuthin' Sony.

on Aug 16, 2007
Do you actually buy Blu-ray DVDs?
on Aug 17, 2007

Texas Wahine politely asked:

Do you actually buy Blu-ray DVDs?

Negative.  Well, with the exception of Talladega Nights which I considered a must own disc.  Otherwise, no thanks on buying Blu-ray titles (BD titles that is) for now.  There really isn't anything out on Blu-ray at this time that I feel compelled to buy.

Rentals from Blockbuster.com for now, and even then I prefer to get stuff on HD-DVD as it tends to be more friendly to users and looks every bit as good, if not better than Blu-ray, at least for my tastes.

I have bought some used HD-DVD discs too, but tend to shop hard and look for bargains there too.  Used - Like New copies of favorites that I can hold on to and keep around for later viewing.  Happy Gilmore, Field of Dreams, Apollo 13 and a few other favorites.

on Aug 17, 2007
We loved Talladega nights.

I bought Adrian a PS3 but it's still in the box til he comes home (he didn't think it would hold up well over there so he didn't have me mail it to him), but I don't know that we would buy a Blu-Ray DVD since the price is so high.

I haven't seen Blu-Ray discs for rent, but I have only done Blockbuster in-store renting.

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