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Oh, I soooooo want to
Published on June 27, 2007 By terpfan1980 In Home & Family

I haven't yet, but I so want to....  I mean really badly want to...

Really, really badly want to.

Want to what?  And why so badly?

Vigilante justice, that's what.

Why so badly?  Because the idiotic neighbors and/or their guests that have been flying up and down the small residential main street in front of my house doing about 60 MPH on a street designated as 15 MPH so badly deserve to face whatever would happen to them.

I've thought about tossing a home made speed bump (in the form of an 8"x8" block of wooden post) out into the roadway.  It would surely tear up whatever vehicle hits it while zooming through.

I've thought about loading up some balloons with paint to just toss at anyone that is obviously speeding through.  (Makes for a nice splash on their vehicle, sort of giving them a nice scarlet letter....)

I've wished that the neighborhood would see some police officers with the radar gun and the book of tickets at the ready.

The neighborhood itself has seen warnings from the management that say if people don't slow down there will be speed bumps put into place, and yet people still don't slow down.

Morons.  Complete and total.

Deserved of whatever vigilante justice might befall them, but yet I just can't make myself do it...

on Jun 27, 2007
Perhaps I should put up a video camera to monitor the road way, though I really wish that the management for the neighborhood would do it, and then start sending some personalized messages to the culprits to tell them that they will soon be banished from the road way or evicted from their homes if they don't respect the neighborhood speed limits.
on Jun 28, 2007

*sings* Neiiiiighbors, everybody needs good neiiiiigggghbors...(it was the theme tune to an Aussie soap called 'Neighbors')

We have ignorant fecks for neighbors too.  One of them is a white trash bitch with a voice like a foghorn who likes to sit outside until 3am cackling away with her drunkard husband.  She's best friends with the other white trash bitch across the street, and they let their kids roam free in other people's yards until gone midnight most every night, screaming and screeching.  We put up with it for over 10 days, and then we'd had enough.  It was 2am on a Saturday when we finally asked them to please keep it down, and you'd have thought that we asked them to set themselves afire, their indignation was so intense.  Yes, they live here, but we live here too and are just as entitled to some peace and quiet at night as they are to have a party every weekend.

Vigilante justice should only be used as a last resort.  Were there any damages to anyone's property and it ended up being a court case, you'd have dirty hands too - and the law can't ignore that.

However, having said that.......are those cars ever parked on your street?  If they are, are the windows ever opened, even a slight crack?  'Cause 'ShePee' deer urine that hunters use is a powerful smell that doesn't come out easy....a single cotton ball soaked in that can cause a person some awful strife. 

on Jun 28, 2007

A request through official channels may fall on deaf ears.  However, a lot of times, someone knows someone who knows a police officer.  And just a visit from them from time to time (with some tickets handed out) can do wonders.

Then there is Dharma's suggestion.  No permanent damage (you will be the one arrested for that), but a lasting reminder ala shepee or catfish bait might just get a message across.

on Jun 28, 2007
Put shepee in their car and they'll drive FASTER to get out of the smell quicker. So I don't recommend that, but I don't have a good solution either.
on Jul 02, 2007
i've heard that lye will dissolve a body....

but don't do that. my neighbors are crazy too, i watch them blasting down our street and think about how old i am, and wondering when i started caring about stuff like this.
"to look in the mirror in total surprise, at the hair on my shoulders, and the age in my eyes"
i just called our non emergency police number and told them what was going on. dr.guy is right, it may fall on deaf ears, but if you give them some ideas over the phone, politely of course, they may respond better. if they don't have to solve the problem, they may be more willing to solve the problem. mention kids in the neighborhood. tell them politely that if a kid ever got hurt after the police were warned of the problem.....
good luck.
on Jul 05, 2007
Vigilante all the way. Sabotage their vehicle. Late at night, sugar in the gas tank, fuck up the tires, whatever one must do, take care of it or suffer more abuse.

Perhaps the individual in uestion (sp)is on parole, call their Parole officer, maybe their lawn is too tall for city statute - call, maybe they leave litter out, call their internet/power/water/sewage provider have it shut off. Deter them from peace if you are without.

It's that simple.

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