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Washington Nationals' Presidents race
Published on April 8, 2007 By terpfan1980 In Baseball

I've figured out what is keeping the Nationals from winning games.  It's their discrimination against Teddy Roosevelt in the President races at RFK.

Poor Teddy has yet to win a race there.  He's always stuck behind someone else as they cross the finish line.  Even when he tried to cheat for opening day, where he tried to rappel down onto the field and get a big head start it just didn't work.

I believe that Teddy Roosevelt has cursed the Nationals to failure, and until they let Teddy finally win in the President's races they are doomed to failure.  Even the win they recently got was just dumb luck.  Until Teddy wins, they (the Nationals) are going to be missing lots of opportunity for wins.

So please, for god's sake, and the sake of the Washington Nationals team, let Teddy win already.  It's time to find a new whipping boy.  Perhaps they can use their worthless mascot Screech for that job.

on Apr 08, 2007
On the plus side, my son told me that he's seen reports that Screech will be retired in the coming season as the new team owners have realized what a lame mascot the team currently has and is desiring to make major upgrades there.  Good for them as they really do need upgrades there.  Screech was a lame choice when selected.  A cheap knockoff of the Oriole Bird.  Very cheap knockoff.
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