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Nationals season tix holders wait, and wait, and wait....
Published on March 21, 2007 By terpfan1980 In Baseball

With the Washington Nationals slated to move into their new stadium next season, and promises that current season ticket plan holders will get priority for season tickets for their new stadium,  myself and a few friends chipped in together to order a 41-game ticket package for this season.

Personally, I don't mind RFK stadium that much, though I can see plenty of areas for improvement (mostly in the concession areas, and in the restroom areas).  I just don't mind the issues at RFK that much while others that I know have complained a bit about how bad that stadium is and how they just can't wait for the new stadium to be built.

Admittedly, I was pretty impatient with the powers in Major League Baseball (MLB) while they drug their heals getting ownership for the team.  Even when they selected the new owners I was (and remain) leery that the new owners were going to be the best choice for the team.

Once the new owners took over the team they promised that they'd make improvements across the board.  There was a lot of fanfare about the "grand re-opening" of RFK Stadium in the middle of the season last year.  The new owners had promised that they'd improve the concession areas and spruce the place up even more.  All in an effort to convince the fans that a new sherriff was in town and things were going to be better than ever.

Unfortunately an area that seems to need attention from these new owners is their season ticket process.  A process that for the 2nd time in the past 3 years (if not a full 3 for 3) is broken down and leaving season ticket purchasers waiting for the tickets that they purchased until right before opening day.  As an example, I placed the order for the tickets for myself and my friends back in late January.  Here 2 months later I'm still waiting for those tickets, or really even for a confirmation that the tickets were ordered.  (I have confirmation from my credit card statement, but never got an e-mail or other acknowledgement of the order from the team).

Finally, today (March 21, 2007) there's a new message on the Nationals official web site noting that season ticket orders are being shipped out and that purchasers should receive an e-mail noting that the tracking information for the tickets soon, if not already.  Additionally they say that everyone should have their tickets by close of business on Monday, March 26, 2007.  At least they left a week worth of buffer in there in case tickets get lost along the way.

New ownership, but same old Nats.  Hopefully they'll get smacked in the head with this issue and even more hopefully they'll rattle the cages of the minions that have apparently failed in the customer service areas for this issue.  If they actually want to look like a professional organization, it's the least they can do.

on Mar 21, 2007

Hey!  What has it been?  3 years?

I have been asking that question for 40 years!  And my Mets. 

Answer?  They are not the NY Yankees.  ptui!

on Mar 21, 2007

I really, really thought that things in this area would have improved.  After the bad press on the topic in 2005 (which, admittedly, was a rushed start of the season thanks to Major League Baseball dragging their butts on just where the team would play that year), and then apparently a repeat performance last season that left some people without the tickets they had paid for until after the season had actually started, well, you expect it would have been fixed.

Apparently the new ownership group didn't recognize this was an area that they needed to work on.  I hope that some bad press for them will change that, and that things improve significantly in the ticketing area.  If fans aren't getting what they are paying for, then they probably won't bother supporting the team in the future.  Especially if the team winds up trying to push through some price increases in the name of "upgraded facilities" and such.  Eventually the fans just shrug their shoulders and decide that it's easier to just watch the team on TV.

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