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Honestly, since it's the Arizona Cardinals, owned by ultimate loser Bill Bidwell, I'd be just as happy if they kept Denny Green as their coach, but that was not the case as the Cardinals fired Green after 3 years of losing seasons following what seems like decades of earlier losing seasons...

The Cardinals have been on my hated list for years.  They got there back in the 70's when they were competition for my beloved Washington Redskins.  They remained there in a seeming permanent manner once their owner blew the opportunity to move his team to Baltimore and instead choose to take the Cardinals from St. Louis to Arizona.

Bidwell was being romanced by both Phoenix, Arizona and Baltimore, Maryland over the possibility of moving his team from St. Louis, which he was definitely leaving.  After years of being not quite good enough to compete against the elite teams in the NFL (back in the non-salary cap error), the lack of spending to field a competitive team resulted in years of dwindling crowds to the point that it became a seemingly never-ending cycle of losing that also resulted in dwindling crowds and less money to spend on the team.

Baltimore held a potential pot of riches for Bidwell if he'd brought his team there, but instead he moved to the warmth of Pheonix, Arizona and took the offering put forth by that city.  With that done Bidwell moved to a status of perpetually hated.  Well, maybe not hated, but certainly scorned and despised.

Anyway, Bidwell's luck (along with his team's) has continued to be bad.  The crowds in Arizona soon grew disenchanted with the losing team and stopped showing up.  If not for additional threats of moving the team elsewhere, there'd be no new stadium.  Eventually there was a new stadium, but the losing has continued.  Perhaps because of coaching, perhaps because of personnel, perhaps because of mis-management -- more likely a combination of all of the above.

The Cardinals put their faith in a quarterback that has never quite panned out (Jake Plummer), and experienced several years of being not quite good enough with him.  They've done poorly in their drafting and never been a team that has attracted free agents (probably because they don't spend enough to really be competitive against other teams that try to attract free agents).  And they have done poorly in the coaching.

When they've seemingly been on the way to turning around their team they've been too impatient and cast off coaches that were starting to make some progress with the team (look up Joe Bugel's record with the team as an example).

At the last opportunity to put a decent coach at the helm, the team choose to offer the job to a somewhat proven loser in the form of Denny Green.  Green had helmed the Minnesota Vikings prior to Mike Tice and had gotten them to a level of mediocrity that was just good enough to get into the playoffs, but not good enough to go far once there.  The team lacked discipline, and never seemed to buy into the requisite team concept that was required to get further.

When he took the job in Arizona there was some hope that perhaps he'd make some headway there, but most realists already knew he wasn't going to be able to turn them from the losers they were into a very competitive team.  That has proven to be the case still.  Even with some relatively decent moves in the draft, they've not been able to get enough of a winning culture and team concept into effect and they seem destined to continue their losing ways.  Players still seem to want to avoid the team, and those that are drafted by the team wind up leaving as soon as their contracts are up.

Until Bidwell gives up control of the team, or hires smarter people to run the team, he's likely to keep fielding a loser.  He also needs to change the teams reputation enough to get players to want to come play there.  Most likely by spending more freely so that players will want to take the money.

Will things ever change there?  I don't know.  I had thought that the Cincinatti Bengals were going to remain perennial losers but they seemed to have turned things around a bit once they brought in (the very underrated) Marvin Lewis as a coach.  Once they did, they became a much better team though they continue to have some issues that are perhaps keeping them back from the potential they could reach.

Just my $0.02 on the news here: Cardinals sack Green after three losing seasons

on Jan 01, 2007
By the way, I continue to hate the Cardinals because of Bidwell, but at the same time I would hope that they become a more competitive team.  At least then, perhaps, they'd be able to help beat some of the teams that compete with my favorite teams (Washington and Baltimore).
on Jan 02, 2007
The same can be said for the Detroit Lions, what with the assinine Millen running things.

He needs to go, and they need to get good coaches in there. Heck, if they could get better players in there, things might work out better. Oh well....there is the draft coming....*sighs* ....another pick to blow...

Peace, ~L
on Jan 02, 2007

The same can be said for the Detroit Lions, what with the assinine Millen running things.

Yup, Detroit has been a lesson in futility also and in their case, I actually feel some compassion for their fans.

Millen has been a disaster and should be back in the TV booths somewhere rather than doing any front office jobs for any NFL teams.  Either that, or he should "man up" and realize he sucks as a general manager and he should bring in a good general manager to actually handle that aspect of the team (along with letting a good GM bring in a decent head coach to handle that part of the operations).

on Jan 02, 2007
You know, I was a little disappointed when the NFL moved the Cardinals out of the NFC East. Up until that point, no matter how badly the Giants sucked that year, we could always say "Hey, at least they're better than the Cardinals." That and it kept us out of last place.

Still, we can still say it, but it does kinda lack the same punch.

Now, I'll take my life into my own hands (living in Virginia and all) and say "Death to the Redskins!"

*ducks back out quietly before the crowd realizes where he is and lynches him*
on Feb 05, 2007
He needs to go, and they need to get good coaches in there. Heck, if they could get better players in there, things might work out better. Oh well....there is the draft coming....*sighs* ....another pick to blow...

My Pick...Detroit takes Adrian Peterson. This is the city where two of the state of Oklahoma's greatest running backs (Barry Sanders and Billy Sims) made their NFL marks (Briefly, in Sims' case), and I have little doubt Peterson will join them.
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