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... now that they replaced their QB
Published on November 14, 2006 By terpfan1980 In Football

If the Mark Brunnell of 10 years ago had been on the Redskins the last few seasons, I might not be so quick to celebrate seeing him replaced as a starting QB for an NFL team.  Sadly though, the last few seasons haven't been that good for Brunnell and he is definitely showing the wear and tear that was heaped on him over his career in the NFL.

Personally, I think Joe Gibbs made a huge mistake bringing Brunnell to the Redskins.  He had an adequate starting QB in the form of Patrick Ramsey, but he didn't like Ramsey or at least didn't have enough confidence in him and went out right away to get a seasoned veteran QB that would be at worst a backup, at best the starter.  Big mistake.  He shook the confidence of Ramsey, who was already perhaps a bit gun-shy because of getting driven to the turf numerous times during Steve Spurrier's reign as coach.

Soon after handing the job to Brunnell, Brunnell got hurt and/or played so poorly that Ramsey had the job again.  He started a new winning streak, played well enough that headed into the next season (last year) that he was handed the starting job, but then lost it when he was injured roughly 1 quarter into the new season.  Once Brunnell had the job again Gibbs refused to bench him no matter how badly he played.  Now, I'm not saying he played horribly, but he never -- I repeat NEVER -- really demonstrated that he still "had it" and could still throw a deep ball.

The off-season passed, Ramsey's cap number was coming up, and the Redskins traded him for whatever they could get.  He eventually was sent to the New York Jets for a draft pick that will probably not even result in a useful player for the Redskins.  Now he sits on the bench there, waiting for an opportunity to play.

Meanwhile, the Redskins brought in a new offensive coordinator, the offensive genius behind the Kansas City Chiefs.  They left Jason Campbell sitting on the bench for another year (or at least started to) and kept the creaky old guy in at QB with the coach still singing his praises and saying it was most definitely not his QB's fault that the team stunk.

What the coach seemed to miss is that the old QB wasn't capable of tossing the ball more than about 5 yards down field.  Maybe 10 if lucky, and 20 if you had a few years to wait for the ball to get there.  Actually that's not really fair.  I did see Brunnell toss a longer pass along the way, but not very many and not very effectively.  Much less effectively lately.

Over the course of the season the teams that played the Redskins saw the lack of deep threat and started stacking up against the run and in turn against the short pass.  The Redskins Offense became offensive in a bad way.  Short plays were all they could complete and generally not even those on a consistent basis.

Well, times are changing quickly in Redskin land.  There's a new guy behind the line and he has the arm and legs to boot.  He can toss a 30+ yard pass.  He can bob and weave and dodge the pass rush.  Or at least the fans hope and think he can.  We'll see this weekend, and over the rest of the season.  Hopefully it's not too little, too late, to actually have something better than a losing season this year.  I'm not talking playoffs (insert sound bite of Jim Mora: "Playoffs!?!"), I'm just thinking of preventing a losing record.  Anything better than that is gravy.

It could be a very bumpy ride, and I hope it won't be, but I am much more willing to be patient with the new QB than I was with the old one.

on Nov 14, 2006
Go Jason Campbell go!
on Nov 14, 2006
I am becoming... dare I say it, a Redskins fan.
I have a friend at work who regales me in trivia regarding the rise and fall (mostly fall) of the Washington Redskins. He's also the guy giving me fantasy advice, so I have two Redskins on my team: Santana Moss and Chris Cooley.
He said the 'Skins would run the table this month. I said if they did, I'd buy a jersey and be a fan.

Too bad they lost last weekend. I was looking forward to a Chris Cooley jersey.
on Nov 14, 2006
As A new york giant fan anything that sucks for the skins pleases me.
on Nov 14, 2006

As A new york giant fan anything that sucks for the skins pleases me.

And the reverse is true here MM   Though I'm sure we both feel the same about Eggle's fans

on Nov 15, 2006

As A new york giant fan anything that sucks for the skins pleases me.

As a Raider fan living in Redskin land, I concur!

on Nov 15, 2006
As A new york giant fan anything that sucks for the skins pleases me.

I'm with ya 100% on the one, MM. I've been a Giants fan since before LT was a rookie (and since I turned 33 yesterday, I was indoctrinated early).
on Nov 16, 2006
They should have made the change in August. I don't know if Jason Campbell is the answer, but no way was Brunell.

I surprised Gibbs stuck as long as he did with Brunell. I know he's loyal to his players, but he is a coach who won championships with 3 different QBs.
on Nov 16, 2006

They should have made the change in August.

My opinion is that it's a change that shouldn't have been needed at all, as in they never should have gone for Brunnell.  He was washed up when they got him, they overpaid (as they always seem to) to get him, and pretty much every other team in the league had already looked at him and declared him "done."  Why the Redskins (Gibbs mainly) thought he was worth anything at that point is beyond me.

The 'skins had a decent QB who they proceeded to destroy the confidence of, and who lost the job because his new coach came to town determined to put in a has been.

And again, I'm not trying to be too harsh on Brunnell (though it may sound that way).  He had a good career and was a good player.  He just took a lot of damage along the way and though he has a good football "head", his body had long since betrayed him.

As someone else said before, if you could take Brunnell's head and attach it to Ramsey's body, you'd probably have had a decent QB.

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