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Published on November 10, 2006 By terpfan1980 In XBOX

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After a slight delay due to "shipping issues" in my area, I finally got my copy of the newly available Call of Duty 3 for the Xbox 360.

Wal-Mart Call of Duty 3 box image

Call of Duty 3 has been a highly anticipated title since it was announced as "coming soon."  I put down the requisite deposit for it at my local EB (Electronics Boutique) Games long ago knowing it was going to be -- for me at least -- a must have game.

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on Nov 10, 2006

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If you've been under a rock somewhere and aren't able to figure it out, the "3" at the end of the game name implies that this is the 3rd iteration in a series that has had 2 prior installments.  Admittedly, I never played much, if any, of the original Call of Duty game.  I did however get Call of Duty 2 for the Xbox 360 as a "release" game.  It had received high praise in the reviews and comments that preceeded the release and I looked forward to the game as one that I would enjoy playing.  The FPS (First Person Shooter) genre is one that I typically enjoy, assuming that the game is not overly frustrating and doesn't have a game save system that leaves me unable to progress through the game at a reasonable pace (I *hate* games where you have to go far too long between checkpoints or other places where you can save the game and be able to pick back up later from the same spot or one that is close by).

Call of Duty 2 was frustrating in it's initial Xbox 360 release.  There were all sorts of problems with the multiplayer system via Xbox Live.  Players would find it almost impossible to get a full multiplayer session going, and when they did they'd typically find the sessions wouldn't be stable and would disconnect without notice.

Image from tech.moneycontrol.com

image linked from tech.moneycontrol.com

Call of Duty 2 remains a favorite for me, and among my friends, but at the same time some nagging frustrations with the game existed too.  For example, no ability to control vehicles and make use of weapons on them.  Frustrating multiplayer configurations -- if you created a custom room you couldn't reduce the number of spaces reserved for friends below a certain amount which normally left the games half-full.  There were also the usual issue of players that had learned maps too well and knew spawn points well enough to camp them for cheap kills (which is to be expected over time as players become familiar with the game).

Call of Duty 3 touts improvements in many areas, most especially in the ability to have bigger multiplayer sessions, instead of the older limit of 8 players in the game, now you'll be able to have up to 16 players per session.  There's also all new areas (maps) to explore and play in, and even better, now you can control vehicles and the weaponry in them.

image from www.gamersdaily.net

image linked from www.gamersdaily.net

Some friends have been a bit shaken and less than completely pleased with COD3.  Their initial impressions would seem to say they aren't happy with the game, but if you read a little further you'll see that they are mostly frustrated at the differences between COD3 and COD2.  There are several differences, mostly minor, but some that can be incredibly frustrating.  The developer for COD3 is not the same one that was used for COD2 and there are several things that were 'right' with COD2 that seemed to not quite be that way in COD3.  Once you get past those issues though, and take COD3 as a separate entity that stands on it's own, you realize it's a very good game and a worthy successor to the games before it.

If you have/had no experience with COD2, you'd pick up COD3 and be quite pleased with the game.  Even if you do have a fair amount of game time in on COD2, if you aren't completely comfortable with the game and used to everything in the game, you can probably jump into the game and be happy very quickly.

Some things that still need improvement (and very soon please): the multiplayer hosting experience needs to improve.  The game doesn't currently include a "lobby" area and hosts are required to change all game related settings in a short 10 second window that is granted before the game starts up.  A lobby is a definite must for a game like this, and more time is definitely required for changing the game settings or at least more time is required for an average host (game creator) to be able to configure things to their own specifications.

Overall I rate the game a definite buy.  While I've had at least one acquaintance sell the game after just a day of playing, most others that have been playing it are coming around on the experience and are realizing that the game will wind up being a long term favorite.

on Nov 10, 2006
Sounds more like a rental to me, at most. There aren't a lot of good games out for the XB360 yet, true enough, but there's at least a handful that are better than CoD2, let alone a game that the consensus seems to think is an inferior sequel(CoD3). It really depends how hooked you are on the WWII genre however-- for WWII first-person shooters, I'd say Call of Duty is still head and shoulders above the rest.

Personally I demand that WWII games be a step above other games in terms of gameplay as I'm rather sick of the theme.
on Nov 10, 2006
Personally I prefer Gears of War, I'm so glad I never bought CoD3.
on Nov 11, 2006

Personally I demand that WWII games be a step above other games in terms of gameplay as I'm rather sick of the theme.

I still like the WWII theme, as long as the game that I'm playing is pretty good.  I actually think COD3 is pretty good, though it would have seemed much better if it wasn't going to be compared against COD2.  It is a bit curious though that it was farmed out to a different developer than the original game was.  Certainly makes for some differences to spring up along the way.

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