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Raven software in partnership with game publisher Activision, Inc., has given gamers on several platforms (Xbox 360, Xbox, Playstation 2 and the PSP handheld) the opportunity to take on the personality and form (as well as the super powers) of their favorite Marvel super heroes.  Gamers can choose between over 20 different Marvel heroes, and interact with more than 140 characters from the Marvel comics universe.

Image from Wal-Mart.com
Image from WalMart.com site

Players on the Xbox 360 platform are lucky enough to get a few nice bonuses along the way in this "EPIC action-RPG"*:

  • Amazing, realistic graphics
  • 2 additional playable heroes
  • 5 bonus villian missions
*blurbs directly from game package

Raven (and the rest of the development team involved in the game) has done a pretty job of giving gamers a very immersive experience, placing characters into the Marvel environment and letting characters interact with their heroes and favorite villains from the comics and from adventures and movies based on those comics.

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on Oct 29, 2006

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Image from armchairempire.com site
image linked from ArmChairEmpire.com

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is a fun hack and slash and beat 'em up RPG (role playing game).  Some of the missions and areas tend to get repetitive, along with the some very repetitive audio clips as your heroes level up, gain new powers, or simply continue on a killing spree vanquishing baddies in their path.

Along the way the images involve the normal share of Violence and Mild Language, so the game has the requisite Teen rating.  Most families should find the game is an entertaining distraction for their youngsters without being too violent.  Consider the Teen rating appropriate, but don't fear letting younger players enjoy the game with a little adult supervision.

Another image from armchairempire.com
image linked from ArmChairEmpire.com

Is Marvel: Ultimate Alliance worth the price of admission?  I think the answer is an unqualified yes.  The game offers fun game play for up to 4 players in standalone mode, or online cooperative game play (via Xbox Live) with up to 4 players.

another image from armchairempire.com 3/3
image linked from ArmChairEmpire.com

Will the game have lasting power and many hours of later online game play?  That's for the gamer to decide.  Those on the fence should probably consider renting the game and giving it a run through.  Others that are less stingy on game purchases should feel free to plunk down some cash for the game.

on Oct 30, 2006
i'd rather wait for the Wii release ... it may be a good game but playing it with a motion sensor must be better
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