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Datel saves the day with universal adapter to replace flimsy MS original
Published on September 25, 2006 By terpfan1980 In XBOX
I mentioned quite briefly in my comments on the Xbox Live Vision camera (in the comments area) that the original Microsoft supplied Xbox 360 headsets leave a lot to be desired. While they work fairly well originally, the construction of the cable assembly, especially where the cable meets the connector that plugs into the actual Xbox 360 controller is flawed.

The cable on the original Xbox Live headsets (for the first generation Xbox systems) was much more sturdy and more durable. It was a heavier gauge cable, which I suppose tended to get in the way a bit more and felt a little heavier when used. I'm guessing that is part of why Microsoft opted to use a lighter, thinner cable with the new systems. The cable itself is probably not the issue, but what is an issue is the joint between the cable and the "communicator module" that plugs into the controller.

The cable no longer breaks away and isn't removable. You can't simply unplug the cable at the communicator module area and just plug in any headset you want, at least not with Microsoft's supplied equipment. You could use any headset you want on the controller, and many people (myself included) have used the first generation Xbox Live headsets with the Xbox 360, especially after having problems with the Xbox 360 headset breaking (or no longer working because of a short in the cable connection).

I hoped that someone would see this glaring problem and offer up a solution for it, and really would have preferred Microsoft to be the ones to offer the solution since they seemed to be causing the problem, but either way, third party gaming accessory manufacturer Datel has taken up the cause and is offering an elegant little solution to the problem.

Check out the following image for Datel's offering (in original packaging):

Xbox 360 Universal Headset adapter

U.S. buyers can find these devices at stores like Circuit City, and can also find them online at Datel's partner CodeJunkies.com. These are inexpensive little adapters, but again they provide an elegant solution to the problem of that flimsy connection made between the cable for the headset and the communicator type module. With one of these adapters you can plug in any headset you want and use it and not have to give up the mute button functionality, nor the volume control functionality that is available with the original headset. Quite handy.

Retail price on these adapters runs between $7.99 and $9.99 in most locations. While it may seem silly to spend $10 on a device you shouldn't need, they are quite handy and offer up a nice way of letting Xbox 360 use any headset they want without giving up any functionality.

on Sep 25, 2006
These devices get high marks in my book, though I still wish that Microsoft had used the same design for their own headsets. It would have made using any headset you want a breeze from day 1, and would have for a much more durable and longer lasting device to begin with.

I wish that devices like the Motorola "Coaches" style headset came with one of these type systems. (They might, but as I haven't spent the $40 on such a headset I can't say for sure. Those headsets do look nice, and look like they're more sturdy, but they aren't cheap and don't offer any more functionality over the originals so getting one is low on my priority list).

Lest I forget, standard disclaimers apply.... My opinions only, not a shill for Microsoft or Datel (nor any other gaming related company), etc.
on Oct 23, 2006
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on Oct 28, 2006
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