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To JU regulars, you may be scratching your heads a little, mumbling a bit about not even knowing I had even one child, much less more than one (two total actually). There had been some interesting guesses at my age before, where my handle (username) came from, and similar things, with some guessing far off the mark, and some guessing a bit closer.

I tend to be guarded in discussing my private life, especially family life, and haven't posted many details here about my family. I could write thousands of words (that part of me the regulars probably do know as they shake their heads and hope this isn't such an ocassion) if I opened up a bit, and perhaps over time I will, but currently I hold back a lot of information as I greatly value my privacy, and as I also value (on their behalf) the privacy of my family.

I also lean a bit on the excuse that I don't need to introduce problems at work by having my own personal opinions mis-interpreted (or in many cases even properly interpreted) and used in some way to harass my employer to the point that I find myself no longer gainfully employed.

Regardless of the reasons, few at JU would know the ages of my children or many more details about them. That is, in a few keystrokes here soon going to change.

I'm going to say a few words about my son. Words he may never even read, as he really has never shown a seconds interest in knowing what I may do online here. He has his own interests, and between us, we have a few common interests.

Sports, especially football (NFL) and baseball (MLB) are a big common interest. We've gone to many ball games over the years, and several in the past few seasons -- especially since the Nationals have come to D.C. and given us a "home team" to cheer for there. (We both conveniently ignore the Orioles in most cases, thanks to the idiot that owns the team).

My son has matured a lot in many ways, not quite so much in a few others. He's all boy, or at least was all boy, until today. Today he officially graduated high school, and officially moved into "young man" status. He is growing quickly, and soon will be moving in with my in-laws to help them as they too have aged rapidly and really need someone to help take care of their needs and see to their safety. He'll be doing that over the summer, and then in the fall, he'll continue taking classes at the local community college as he readies to go to the University of his choice soon after he completes a year or two of "junior college."

I mention continue taking classes as he participated in college already, doing some jump start type classes there that let him finish a good bit of his early class requirements there already. That is a good thing, as it will help reduce his expenses and give him a good push along his way through college.

I have a tough time remembering back to my earliest experiences with my son. It's been almost 18 years, and back then I could scarcely imagine the years that would follow. There were little bumps along the way with my son taking a break of his own here and there in just how hard he would apply himself in school. He earned good grades, never great ones, mostly because he is a bit obsessive about his favorite things. He enjoys too much reality TV and obsesses about that, enjoys cruising the internet and participating in discussions at some of his favorite Bulletin Board type site, and enjoys playing video games (especially games like Madden or MLB games where he can create players, make his own franchises, etc.). All things that he used for diversions from school work.

He'll be maturing even more quickly in the fall, as he moves away from high school into tougher college course work. He'll certainly not be bored, and may find he has very little time for those diversions.

With all of this said, I need to circle back to the main reason I'm writing this article here.

I'm proud of you son. Very proud of you. I never once doubted you'd complete this first major stage of your education. I don't doubt that you'll get the next part done either. You can accomplish anything you want if you put your mind to it. You've not always been the easiest person to deal with, with your own idiosynchrocies, your fussing to be left alone, and your jumpiness if someone touches you even to just tap you on the shoulder. You have always been very intelligent, you've always made me proud when you've put any effort into any activity you want to try, and I'm sure you'll continue to make myself and your mother proud.

on Jun 10, 2006
Nice post. I envy you. I haven't seen my three sons in 10 years. I wish you and your offspring all the best the world has to offer.
on Jun 11, 2006
I got you doubled on children, and just a few years on life.  My oldest graduated College last December.  My second is going into his Jr. Year at UVA (Go Cavaliers!).  My third is a senior now, and my 4th?  He has 5 years to go.  I am glad for you and yours.  I dont envy you as I have my own, but it is good to see your pride in them.
on Oct 25, 2006
I enjoyed reading this and you sound very proud of your son. I feel sure he will do you proud.

This post is obviously a bit dated now as it goes back to June 06. I hope he enjoys college life.

I haven't seen my three sons in 10 years

I do not want to pry Mason - but I do hope you get to see them some day soon Mason.
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