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January 14, 2013 by terpfan1980
In the current news cycle, we have this headline: Obama: Not raising the debt ceiling 'is absurd'.

Oh, but I agree on that thought completely - not raising the debt ceiling would be stupid, idiotic, moronic, and a host of other names that signify how ignorant things could wind up, which is precisely why the debt ceiling will be raised.  The question is by how much, and how fast will that raise in the ceiling come.

It's there that Mr. President will wind up having to slow d...
December 27, 2012 by terpfan1980
I had wondered, along with everyone else of course, what the NRA's response to the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting (in Newtown CT) was going to be, as they sat back quietly.  Would their response be cautious and reflective, or would it be arrogance?  Would they make bold moves towards reigning in gun violence, or would they point the finger at others and deny that guns are possibly part of the problem?

Days later, of course (as I took a little time after their response to ...
December 6, 2012 by terpfan1980
Yeah, I'm borrowing the old rock n' roll lyrics.  SHOUT IT, SHOUT IT, SHOUT IT OUT LOUD.

That's what I think the GOP should be doing about the Fiscal Cliff situation.  Too bad that even if they did take my advice here, the treasonous co-conspirators in the mainstream media wouldn't do anything about it.

What do I mean and what do I want?

I want the GOP to start making as much noise as possible that President Obama and his team WANT to take us over the Fiscal Cl...
December 5, 2012 by terpfan1980
Argh!  Double Argh even.

I so want to say something, but I really can't, at least not to the parties that I'd like to say it to.

In this particular case, knowing some sensitive information leaves me so wanting to pass it along to some folks, and yet, well, I can't.  I'm sworn to secrecy and for business reasons, I really do need to keep things that way, but it doesn't mean that I don't want to and don't feel the need to tell someone else that they real...
December 3, 2012 by terpfan1980
The Christmas cards that my family is sending out for Christmas 2012 are in the mail.  Whew!  Roughly 120 - 130 cards addressed, stamped, stuffed (with a very short "newsletter" this year) for most of them (wife 2.0 may not have stuffed all of the cards that she sent out, but that is her prerogative) -- in the last few years I've put together and sent out a holiday newsletter that went in all of the cards I sent, going back to 2009, when wife 1.0 was killed in the car wreck in...
November 30, 2012 by terpfan1980
Headlines today: Obama plays hardball with GOP on fiscal cliff (which then goes to article with a less caustic headline: First Thoughts: A laughing matter?)

My response: please GOP, just hit it right back up the middle.  If President Obama and his side want to play hardball, then go for it.  As much as I don't want to see the economy rocked by stupid actions by the Congress, or lack of action (either one), I refuse to accept that the congress has to accept Obama's (and/or th...
November 26, 2012 by terpfan1980
I'm finding myself frustrated with my "friends" at Verizon Wireless.

Example #1: My Samsung Galaxy SIII phone.  Owners of this phone on the Sprint network are currently enjoying the goodness that is Jelly Bean for their phone firmware.  Having used Jelly Bean on the Google Nexus 7 tablet that I had (and since sold to a co-worker, having bought that device from another co-worker that often plays musical chairs with his tech devices, fire-selling them to myself and others as he co...
November 25, 2012 by terpfan1980
A couple of articles are showing up in the current news cycle, though these are not really "new" in the content within:

{Washington} Examiner Editorial: If top 5% paid 40% of taxes, what is their 'fair' share?

The Millionaires Who Pay the Highest Tax Rate

In answer to the first question (headline), the answer is not "more", though that is certainly what the occupant of the Whitehouse, and many of his Democrat brothers and sisters want us all to believe and act upon.

The secon...
November 21, 2012 by terpfan1980
Let me start here by saying I am not a member of the bakers union, have never worked for Hostess, and really don't have any inside information and only a little of the history of the situation, but I find myself completely mystified by the lack of ability for the union(s) that are involved with Hostess, and the company itself, to find a solution to the problems the company is having.

Yet again it seems that the union is dead set on watching their members lose their jobs rather than giving...
November 19, 2012 by terpfan1980
I keed, I keed... I know where it is, even though I've never seen a reason to tune into the BigTen network on my TV before now.  Now though, now that the Terrapins of the University of Maryland will apparently be moving to the BigTen network (which will wind up, at least temporarily, at 14 teams), well, now I need to figure out how to find my favored team playing their games on my TV.

Apparently the gods at Verizon FiOS that determined which channels needed to be offered in my area w...
November 18, 2012 by terpfan1980
OK, I know that the powers that be are supposedly meeting regularly now, trying to negotiate a solution to the fiscal cliff.  Good for them.  Hopefully they'll come to a solution that doesn't wreck the economy and push us all back into a deep recession.  Too bad I just don't have that much faith that they'll find such a solution.  I know that the stock market rose this past Friday on optimism and hope that a solution would be achieved, but I think the market w...
November 13, 2012 by terpfan1980
I got the honor of reviewing an KRUPS XP601050 Espresso machine for home use, compliments of Amazon.  Unfortunately, I was less than completely impressed with the machine.  Read the linked review for full details on the issues I had with it and why I can't really recommend it for purchase.
November 12, 2012 by terpfan1980
My spouse (whom I refer to frequently, at another site or three... as wife 2.0, since she's my second wife) does not frequent this site and would be highly unlikely to stumble upon it if I didn't point her in the right direction.  I think I've sent her here in the past to read some of my previous rants and thoughts, but she just hasn't been that interested, and really, until recently, I wasn't all that talkative here any more so it probably didn't matter.

Her fami...
November 12, 2012 by terpfan1980
I've been lucky enough to be on a run of reviewing projectors that I've gotten via Amazon.  One of the nicest is the one I'm linking to here (Epson PowerLite 1761W Projector (Ultraportable WXGA 720p Widescreen 3LCD, 2600 lumens color brightness, 2600 lumens white brightness, HDMI, wireless, app compatible, rapid setup).  If you get a chance, check out my review there and see why I think it's a very nice item to add to your own suite of business tools or make use of...
November 12, 2012 by terpfan1980
The countdown to the fiscal cliff continues with rumblings from both sides, but with little real progress apparent.

The President claims a mandate (thanks to his re-election) and continues to insist that we must ask the wealthy to pay a little more.  Uh, yeah, not so fast.

The Speaker of the House and his party claim their own mandate thanks to their own re-election and they insist that we MUST not raise taxes on anyone given the precarious position the economy is in.  Most espec...